3 Reasons You Need a Technician Skilled in Import Repair For Your Car


All makes and models of cars were, at one time, incredibly similar. They had a basic combustion engine, a frame, some wheels and numerous other parts designed to facilitate travel.
Cars have evolved to suit the needs of the people whom use them. This is why cars today are so different from the Model A that Ford manufactured so many years ago.
What many people fail to understand is that different vehicle makes have immense differences. Domestic and foreign cars tend to have the greatest differences due to the fact that these cars were manufactured with people in a certain region in mind.
Let’s explore what makes these cars so different to repair.
1. Measurements
The most readily apparent difference between foreign and domestic cars is the fact that foreign cars tend to utilize the metric system. This means that metric tools and the appropriate measurements should be used to ensure the durability of the parts in a foreign car.
When a mechanic tries to repair a foreign car using domestic tools, items like nuts and bolts tend to become stripped. Scratches and other undesirable damage may also occur. Over- and under-torquing of certain components may also occur, which can cause cumbersome and costly problems down the road.
2. Unique Tools
Import mechanics can sometimes make standard tools work, but their jobs are often made easier by utilizing specialized tools designed to work with certain import makes. Honda and Lexus are two brands where specialized tools exist that can make a job faster and more accurate.
Regular mechanics tend to lack these tools, which in turn can lead to lengthier repairs. This means your car may be in the shop for a longer time than if you took it to a shop specializing in imported cars.
3. Special Diagnostic Procedures
While routine maintenance procedures remain relatively simple among all makes and models of cars, certain repairs require special procedures to be followed.
Nissan cars, for example, have a computer module integrated into their components. Changing something like the clock spring in the steering column requires the hardware and knowledge to re-calibrate this computer.
Similar diagnostic procedures exist for other import vehicles. Opting for an import mechanic can save you time while eliminating the possibility of troublesome electronics-based problems down the road.
Your Import Needs a Skilled Import Technician
Foreign cars require a unique set of skills and tools to ensure that repairs are performed correctly. Opting for an import technician to take care of your car often produces the best results.
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