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My Car's Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air. What's The Cause?

June 27, 2017
Air Conditioner - If your car's air conditioner stops working on a hot day, then the ride to your destination can be quite uncomfortable. A ride can be even more uncomfortable if you are stuck in traffic. Fortunately, there are things that you can do if your air conditioner is not blowing cold air.

It Needs to be Recharged

Your A/C system may not be blowing cold air because it needs to be recharged. You can charge your own refrigerant. However, if you do not want to take care of this task yourself, then you can take your car to the mechanic. Your A/C should start blowing air after the refrigerant is recharged.
Keep in mind that there is no specific recommendation about how often you will need to recharge your system. However, you may need to have it recharged as soon as you notice that your A/C is not blowing as much cool air as it used to.

The Freon is Leaking

Freon, or coolant, is the chemical in the air conditioning system that cools the air. If the system is leaking, then this chemical will eventually run out. Today's A/C systems are more sensitive than the older ones. The air conditioner will not work properly if there is not enough of this chemical.
You will need a charging machine in order to ensure that there is enough of the cooling agent. This device will take away all of the chemical from the air conditioner system. After that, it will input the right amount of cooling agent for the system.
A leak can develop slowly. It can also develop without you noticing it. If you put more coolant in your system and still have a problem with getting cool air, then there is likely another issue. You may need to have your hoses and other parts of the air conditioner checked.

The Compressor is not Engaging

There are a variety of things that can cause this. It may be caused by an electrical failure in the A/C compressor circuit. Your car may be overheating, which can cause this problem. Additionally, the coolant may be low.
Today's vehicles are controlled via computer. If the computer senses a problem, then the air conditioner is often the first system that is shut down. You can have a part replaced if it is not functioning properly.

You Have a Stuck Blend air Door

Your ventilation system has a small component that is known as the blend air door. The door is designed to draw cool air when you switch the system from warm air to cool air. If the blend air door does not change, then it will draw hot air from the engine and blow it. This is a problem that has to be corrected by a mechanic.

You Feel the Cool Air, but There is None Blowing

This could be a sign that the fan is no longer working. This problem may be fixed easily. For example, the wire may need to be changed. You may also need to get to have your fan unit replaced. This is a problem that you will have to hire a mechanic for because you will probably not be able to take care of it yourself. The mechanic may have to take the entire dashboard apart in order to reach every component.

Other Problems That can Cause Your Air Conditioner to not Blow Cool Air

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is very complicated. There are some things that can easily be fixed. For example, if your coolant is low, then all one has to do add more. This is a problem that you can fix yourself. You can purchase coolant at just about any hardware store.
However, in some cases, this problem is indicative of more serious issues. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, then it is best for you to contact a mechanic. Serious problems are sometimes easy to fix, but it is still best for you to allow a mechanic to take care of this job for you. In many cases, people make problems worse by attempting to fix them. A mechanic can pinpoint the problem and find the right solution.