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Creech Import Repair began auto repair in Raleigh NC in 1993 and has since grown to be a 5-star rated repair shop in the Raleigh, N.C. Triangle area. We began as a great automotive repair shop and we have only gotten better with time! Listening to our customers and responding to their needs has encouraged us to add services over the years, but we remain a top-notch repair shop for all of your automotive needs.

We offer a wide variety of auto repair and maintenance services. Our technicians are ASE certified and use the newest, most technologically advanced tools, equipment, and procedures to fix any kind of automotive problem. When your car is experiencing problems, bring it to us to have it professionally diagnosed and repaired with the best parts and practices. Your car is in great hands at Creech Import Repair. We are a local company and proud to be a part of this community.

Automotive repairs

In addition to completing a wide variety of automotive repairs, we want to assist you with maintaining your vehicle for optimal performance. In order to provide you with the best customer services, we offer a wide variety of preventative maintenance procedures as well. Preventative maintenance saves you money! Vehicle maintenance is just like brushing your teeth or going to the gym to workout. It takes time and commitment. The benefits of your vehicle are the same as your health. A vehicle properly maintained and kept three years after the end of your payments will save you $20,000 to $30,000.

Remember, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. In order to keep you satisfied with our repairs and services, we employ only the best mechanics and technicians. Our repair technicians are ASE certified and use the latest in technology to keep your car in peak condition. We also want you satisfied with your entire experience. Our business philosophy is: treat customers with kindness, respect, and honesty and we will be successful. In addition to customer service, we stand behind our work with a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor.

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