Creech Import Repair is a full-service repair shop. We can complete many different auto repair services including brake repair, engine repair, complete standard, and scheduled maintenance services, check engine light and performance issues, North Carolina State Inspections, heating & air conditioning and much more. With customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, you can trust Creech Import Repair to provide you with honest work that is completed in a timely manner, at an affordable price, and by certified ASE technicians.
We specialize in Asian vehicles, but also service Domestic vehicles (limited).
Our services performed on both Asian and Domestic (U.S.) vehicles include:
roadside assistance
Our customers have consistently trusted our auto repair services. Creech Import Repair is a 5-star rated automobile repair shop in Raleigh, and we take our responsibility to live up to your expectations very seriously. We hire only the most capable ASE certified technicians, use the latest in technology for diagnostics and repair, operate in a fashion designed to minimize our environmental impact, and keep our facility stocked with the highest quality, most innovative automotive repair equipment. If you are unsure of what is wrong with your vehicle, or your Check Engine light is on, bring your vehicle to Creech Import Repair for a diagnosis! Every new car is equipped with a computer, or ECM (electronic control module) that monitors and controls the vehicle’s powertrain, consisting of the engine and transmission. The ECM is designed to keep your vehicle running at maximum efficiency with the least emissions. With today’s new regulations concerning emissions, it is imperative that you maintain your car’s health by ensuring the parameters of the ECM are set correctly. We have the technology to take information from your vehicle’s ECM and start the diagnostic process. The ECM does not necessarily tell us exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, but it does give our technicians a great starting point and speeds up the entire repair process.

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