Is your battery ready for the winter?


Nothing is worse than getting in your car to go to work at 6 in the morning, it’s dark and 25
degrees outside, you turn the key and nothing. Nothing but a weak grunt from the starter that just
isn’t going to get you to work. Is your battery ready for the winter?
We have the answer that will pretty much guarantee you this won’t happen to you ever. As a
valued customer of Creech Import Repair, we routinely test your battery at every service interval
at no charge to you. It’s added value for being a customer of Creech Import.
The average good quality car battery should last 5 years +. Batteries are rated at max
amperage at 32′ Fahrenheit or CCA/cold cranking amps. A new battery will have an excess
above its rating. But as batteries age, the tested amperage will fall off gradually over time.
Rarely will a battery fail without some warning symptoms, or show lower amps when tested.
Lets say your 4 year old battery is rated at 600 CCA’s, but test at 510 CCA’s. In this case we
would not recommend a battery replacement, but would continue to test over time because there
should be some service life left on the battery. If that same battery tested at 400 CCA’s, then we
most likely would recommend replacing.
So with that in mind we can predict when your battery will need to be replaced and avoid the dead
in the driveway scenario.
Stan Creech
President/Creech Import Repair