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Car Air Conditioner's Problems: Understanding Why They Occur and Tend to Get Worse

June 28, 2016

Car Air Conditioner's

Air Conditioner Car Air Conditioner's

Car air conditioner's problems are present year-round, but they seldom come into focus until you really need to stay cool. That's why so many drivers notice that their air conditioning isn't performing up to par during hot months.
The problem is that there are many problems that can result in inefficient air conditioning in a car. Pinpointing these problems and fixing them is something that is best left to an experienced mechanic.

Let's explore why you should let your mechanic fix your car's air conditioning problems rather than trying to fix them yourself.

1. Improper Refrigerant Levels

Many people assume that their car air conditioner's refrigerant levels are to blame for improper cooling.

While they are generally right about this course of logic, they generally do not have the means to properly fix it. Putting a can of refrigerant into the air conditioner can have varying results, especially when done without paying attention to the refrigerant levels present in the car.

Too much refrigerant, for example, can cause symptoms similar to having too little. Your car's air conditioner may freeze up, which in turn results in poor cooling and the inevitable malfunctioning of your air conditioning system.

2. Car Air Conditioner's Perishable Components

Air conditioning systems have numerous components made of rubber, plastic and other materials that are significantly less durable than metal. These components will inevitably fail due to regular wear, damage from the heat and the sun and small defects present in the components themselves.

Replacing these parts is ideal when it comes to repairing a car's air conditioner's system. This eliminates refrigerant leaks, keeps cool air in, and helps to expedite the removal of warm air from your car's cab.

3. Damaged Metal Parts

Metal parts are designed to be more durable, which is why they are used for everything from refrigerant lines to the condenser that takes the heat out of your car's cab.

The problem is that these components are not immune to damage. Corrosion can lead to leaks, which in turn can lead to the inevitable failure of an entire car air conditioner's system. Pumps will inevitably stop working. Even the parts of air conditioning systems responsible for circulating air will fail given enough time.

Repairing these parts and replacing them when necessary will increase efficiency and lifespan. Each Part Affects the Whole Air Conditioning System

One underperforming part can influence the entire air conditioning system. One small leak forces the system to work harder, which in turn leads to higher repair costs.

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