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Five Car Maintenance Myths to Ignore

September 6, 2021

You probably already know that routine servicing is one of the keys to keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation circulating on the web. Here are five car maintenance myths to avoid.

Myth #1- Synthetic Motor Oil is Always the Better Option

It’s true that synthetic motor oil holds a few advantages over conventional motor oil. Synthetic blends are more resistant to heat, which means the oil doesn’t need to be changed as frequently. They also have superior cleaning qualities. However, this does not mean that synthetic motor oil is always better.

If your engine is a bit worn, think twice before suddenly switching to a synthetic blend. Because synthetic motor oil has smaller molecules and flows easier, it can leak past dried-out seals and gaskets. According to many expert mechanics, conventional high-mileage motor oil may prove to be the best option for an old beater.

Myth #2- Premium Gas Is Superior

Contrary to popular belief, premium gas isn’t a superior fuel. If your vehicle was designed to use regular unleaded, there’s no need to fill the tank with premium. You’ll simply be wasting money. There won’t be an increase in performance or efficiency.

On the other hand, avoid putting regular gas in a car that requires premium. Don’t be surprised if you begin to experience rough idling, sluggish acceleration, and hard starting. In some instances, severe denotation will occur. This can ultimately damage the engine’s pistons and cylinders. The best approach is to always adhere to the automaker’s recommended fuel type.

Myth #3- You Need to Warm Up Your Engine for Several Minutes

Today’s modern engines don’t require a long warm-up period. Even during the middle of winter, you only need to run the engine for a minute or so before heading out. Gently driving your vehicle for the first few miles will enable the engine to quickly reach its normal operating temperature.

Extended idling is actually bad for the engine. When an engine is allowed to idle for long periods, this increases the likelihood of carbon deposits developing. You’ll then need even more car maintenance. Furthermore, you’re wasting a lot of unnecessary fuel.

Myth #4- It’s Okay to Wash Your Vehicle With Dish Detergent

Regularly washing your vehicle is an important aspect of car maintenance. In an effort to save a few bucks, some drivers will use dish soap or laundry detergent to clean their vehicle. Unfortunately, this often proves to be a big mistake.

These products can strip away the exterior’s wax finish. Your paint will eventually begin to look oxidized. The best approach is to spend the money on a quality car-wash liquid.

Myth #5- Aftermarket Parts Are Just As Good

Aftermarket parts tend to be cheaper. The downside is that they are often inferior in quality. When getting your mechanic to perform routine car maintenance and repairs, make sure they use genuine OEM parts.

Although genuine OEM parts may be more expensive, you’ll appreciate the enhanced durability and superior craftsmanship. Your vehicle will be far more reliable in the long haul.