Class Action Lawsuit Leads to Reimbursements, Free Service for Many Honda Owners


honda repair centerThere are a lot of cars out on the roads in need of maintenance, and many are due to recent automaker recalls. A recent study found that 77% of cars required either maintenance or repairs, and among them are a number of vehicles from automaker Honda. The car company recently settled a lawsuit pertaining to allegations that engines may misfire due to the excessive burning of oil. This has also caused spark plugs to degrade faster than they should. Affected models include the 2008 to 2012 Honda Accord, 2008 to 2013 Honda Odyssey, 2009 to 2013 Honda Pilot, and 2010 to 2012 Honda Accord Crosstour. If you currently own one of these vehicles you should bring it back to a dealership with a Honda repair center for auto repair services to have the problem fixed free of charge. If you had previously brought your car to an independent auto repair shop to have the engine fixed as a result of this problem, you can apply to be reimbursed for the auto repair costs. The warranty on these vehicles has been extended to eight years from the original purchase date.
Many people who had experienced issues related to excessive oil burning claimed that they were finding they had to add nearly 2 quarts of oil to their vehicles in between oil change service. Upon receiving many complaints from customers, Honda claimed this was normal. They also failed to honor the original powertrain warranty issued with purchased or leased vehicles and instead recommended that owners of problem vehicles check their oil every time they refill their gas tank.
They continue to deny the allegations against them. Although the issue has not been linked to any accidents and is not necessarily a safety concern, anyone with an affected vehicle should take it to a dealership with a Honda repair center for service.