Domestic Cars: Are They Really Domestic?


Many clients ask our auto mechanic Raleigh NC shop for parts made in America. They want to support the local automobile industry and bring jobs back to Americans.

While the thoughts and feelings are genuine, we can’t help but point out that not all parts are made in America. The whole car, yes. The individual parts, no.

The three major domestic brands – Ford, GM and Chrysler – have massive plants dedicated to manufacturing cars. You see massive machines welding away at cars and bringing them all together to form the complete package. You might even have seen these plants if you’ve been watching documentaries on learning channels.

What you don’t see, however, are the parts that these companies import from the manufactures around the world. These proudly All-American companies put up factories in Asian countries where materials and labor are cheaper by a factor of five to ten. These companies then bring the parts back to America where they are assembled into fully-fledged cars.

Foreign auto brands like Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen can even say they make their cars in America because they follow this same business practice. They have parts manufactured in other countries, ship them over to American soil and assemble them in American plants.

So the “Made in America” label really does not apply in this case. What does apply, however, is trust that is earned through the quality of the parts and overall automobiles pumped out by a certain brand. This is what our auto mechanic Raleigh garage keeps in mind when working with clients.