Engine Repair and Servicing Experts

February 17, 2019
Dig Dev
Are you looking for a reliable and reputable service provider to repair and service your engine? If you are, you can trust us at Creech Import to repair and service your engine regularly for optimal functionality.

Some of our engine repair and service specialties include:

Roadside Assistance

Did your engine fail while on the road? Contact us and we will dispatch our technicians to come and fix your engine. If our technicians recommend further engine diagnostics, we will tow your car to our garage. Our goal is to have it fixed within the shortest time possible.

Timing Belt Replacement

There are engines that come fitted with a rubber timing belt. This is similar to those in air conditioners although they are often heavy and durable. This is to withstand the strain of a powerful engine. The timing belt is necessary for keeping the valves and the camshaft in sync with the engine pistons. Servicing the timing belt is necessary since it brings numerous mechanical problems. If it is worn out or tears up, thus making it more expensive to replace. Most manufacturers recommend that the timing belt should be replaced after 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Although you should consult an expert mechanic to know if it needs to be replaced.

Tune Ups and Oil Changes

Your engine requires regular oil changes, especially after the manufacturer recommended mileage. As an experienced engine repair and service provider, we recommend that the engine oil should be changed after 3,000 miles for the regular engine oil and about 5,000 miles. Pushing your oil usage beyond the recommended mileage means that the chances of sludge building up in the engine increases. On top of that, it reduces the engine's functionality due to inadequate oil supply. We also recommend that you tune-up your engine after around 100,000 miles. This, however, is based on the manufacturer recommendations and they can differ in reality.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

You can trust us for all the light engine diagnostics. We boast of highly experienced technicians who are experienced in dealing with minor engine repairs and services. You can also always trust us to fix your engine.

Engine cooling system

The cooling system of the vehicle engine is important because it helps to keep the internal engine temperatures within the acceptable range. The vehicle engines use a water pump to help circulate the antic freeze coolant, and it is important to keep it in check always. We recommend that you ensure the water pump is replaced before replacing the timing belt for engines with the belt. This is because the pump is concealed below the timing belt, and it is convenience to replace them at the same time. If your engine has a timing chain, you need not worry since the water pump is accessible without having to remove the timing chain.

Timing Chain

Some car engines do not have a timing belt. Instead, they feature a timing chain. The work of the timing chain is similar to that of the timing belt although it is made of steel and bathed in oil to reduce friction. There is no mileage recommended when the timing chain should be serviced although servicing should be based on the wear and tear of the chain tensioner and guides. It is advisable, however, that the guides and tensioner be replaced after 100,000 miles.

Why Trust Creech Import for your Engine Repair and Servicing

Some of the factors that make our services stand out from the rest are:

  • Creech Import Repair has highly experienced and trained technicians: You are sure that your vehicle will be attended to by ASE Certified technicians. They will fix your vehicle within the shortest time possible.
  • Our technicians are experienced in dealing with different types of car engines, which means we can help fix your vehicle regardless of its model.
  • 24/7 access to services: If you are having issues with your engine, you can contact our customer care for inquiries any time. Once you contact us, our customer care will get back to you and make a follow-up to ensure your engine is fixed.