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Honda Mechanic Raleigh NC

January 1, 2021

If you need a Honda mechanic, then Creech Import Repair in Raleigh, NC is the auto repair shop to go to. Owning a Honda automobile provides you with the reliability and peace of mind for which you buy one of these vehicles. You can trust you will spend more time on the road and less time worrying about Honda repair, thanks to the brand's leading manufacturing quality and innovations. But when problems occur with your vehicle or you need routine Honda maintenance, you can trust the Honda specialists of Creech Import Repair in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Creech Import's expert Honda mechanics work on this brand's full line of vehicles, including:

  • Accord
  • Accord Crosstour
  • Civic
  • Civic del Sol
  • CR-V
  • CR-Z
  • CRX
  • Crosstour
  • Element
  • Fit
  • HR-V
  • Insight
  • Pilot
  • Prelude

Honda Repair

Creech Auto Imports Knows Honda Automobiles

Since the early 1960s, Honda has produced four wheel vehicles. After a lengthy history in the motorcycle realm, this auto manufacturer's focus has primarily been on front-wheel drive powertrains. They innovated early in the use of anti lock brakes, multi-port fuel injection, speed sensitive power steering and variable valve timing technology (VTEC). Of course, Honda also innovated through development of its luxury brand spinoff, Acura. Creech Import Repair also provides services for that full line of cars.

In the United States, Honda Civic is second only to Toyota Corolla for widespread and long-term import acceptance. Until the 1990s, Honda's primary contributions to American roadways and driveways were the Civic, Accord and Prelude. Since that time, the line has expanded to include the Honda Fit, Pilot, Civic Hybrid, Insight, Odyssey, Element and CR-Z, along with other models.

Few people realize that the first hybrid electric car in America was the Honda Insight, not the Toyota Prius. As the brand continues innovating in its line of hybrid electric models, you can rely on Creech Import Repair for Honda maintenance and repair of these vehicles and their gasoline-fueled counterparts.

Trusted Honda Mechanic in Raleigh, NC

When your Honda automobile, van, SUV or truck needs maintenance service or repairs, bring it into Creech Import Repair. Our certified expert Honda mechanics have a longstanding history of excellence in caring for these vehicles. We provide the full range of routine maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations, along with minor and major Honda auto repair services.

Some of the routine factory-recommended Honda maintenance services Creech Import Repair provides include:

Seeking a Professional Honda Mechanic Helps Maximize Reliability

Our trusted Raleigh Honda mechanics can fix problems that arise with your vehicle and also diagnose issues before you experience a breakdown or require tow service. When it comes to keeping a Honda running its best and on the road, customers trust Creech Import Repair's certified expert mechanics. We only provide quality Honda service backed up by our 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Overall, Honda ranks first out of 32 auto brands for reliability. When it comes to staying on the road, this four star rating places your Civic, Accord, Pilot, Fit, Element or Odyssey well ahead of comparable models by other manufacturers. If you own one, you can expect annual Honda repair and maintenance costs of about $428. This is slightly above average for other brands' auto ownership, but provides you with that award-winning Honda reliability.

Every car owner must fulfill routine oil changes, tire rotations, fluid replacements and other routine maintenance to keep a car running as it should. For the timing of these needs, you only have to refer to your manufacturer's recommendations. Or, you can talk to your friendly Creech Import Repair Honda mechanics. But your vehicle from this automaker will typically only require one visit to a repair shop for every three years you own your vehicle. During those visits, you only have a 10 percent chance of needing major Honda repairs.

Common Honda Problems And Trouble Codes As Per Our Honda Mechanic

Honda, like any auto brand, has its common issues. Some of these issues have led to recalls and associated Honda repairs. Other issues simply require a visit to your Honda specialist at Creech Import Repair for resolution.

Recent Honda repairs associated with recalls have included remedies for defective driver's side air bags, pinched third-row accessory power outlet wiring for Honda Odysseys and the rear subframe separating from the vehicle on Honda CR-V. If you have questions about recalls for your vehicle, simply talk to your Honda specialist at Creech Import Repair.

Common Honda repair needs include many of the issues associated with other car brands. But driving this vehicle type means you have fewer headaches than other drivers, thanks to the brand's outstanding reliability. However, if your Honda breaks down or has other repair needs, you can typically expect them to involve one of the key systems. These systems include:

  • Air conditioning or heating
  • Alternators and starters
  • Battery
  • Exhaust system
  • Brakes
  • Electrical systems
  • Emissions
  • Timing belts and chains
  • Transmission
  • Tires or wheel alignment
  • Suspension

If you notice strange noises, jerking, surging, stalling, unusual smells, tapping sounds or clicking sounds, you need a Honda mechanic shop ASAP. Schedule an appointment or come by Creech Import Repair at 1818 St. Albans Drive, Suite 106 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We will find the source of your vehicle's problem and provide the stellar Honda auto repair service for which we are known. Of course, it is also always important you bring your car, truck or SUV in right away for Honda service if the check engine light is on.

Honda Repair and Maintenance Service by the Raleigh Honda Specialists

Having a Honda mechanic you can trust is a critical part of your vehicle ownership. Like our thousands of customers in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can trust the professional auto mechanics at Creech Import. We look forward to making you part of our extended customer family. Call us today at 919-872-1999 to schedule factory-recommended maintenance or Honda repairs.