How Do You Go About Importing a Car You Bought Overseas?


The easiest way you can do that is by working with an import dealer, but what if you went on a trip and fell in love with that Volvo or Lamborghini and you decided you want to bring it back home? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to do:
Importing a CarGather the necessary documents
Expect to do a lot of paperwork to bring your car to your home country, but there are two particular documents you must prepare ASAP – papers showing your ownership along with certification of your vehicle’s road-worthiness.
Check with customs for duties and taxes
Prepare to shell out some serious cash for your import unless you are eligible for tax-free imports. Government employees, military personnel and nonresidents with special circumstances are some examples where duties could be waived.
Clean and empty the car
Take especially good care to clean out liquids and organic materials out from your car. You will get into a lot of trouble if customs finds something in your car that you didn’t declare upon entering your country’s borders. Contract someone to clean the undercarriage and keep the bill to prove to customs that your car isn’t carrying any contaminants from foreign countries.
Claim the vehicle
Contact shipping
Find a shipping company to actually bring your car to your home country. Look for one that provides transportation insurance since this will go a long way when something goes wrong while the car is being transported.
Claim the vehicle
You will basically have to go to customs and show them your documents before they will release the vehicle to you. You can do this yourself or you can hire an agent to do it for you.
Now you have a clearer idea of how much time, energy and money goes into importing cars. At least you can prepare for it if you want to import a vehicle yourself!