How You Can Use Your Import’s Lack of Warranty To Your Advantage


One of the biggest headaches many import owners face is a lack of warranty. Not all car manufacturers will guarantee repairs on a car sold three a continents away, especially when you import an older model from a more obscure manufacturer.

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This trouble however, can be turned to your advantage by asking for a reduction of price from an import dealer – especially if your dealer offers no warranties at all.
Spare parts, scheduled maintenance and the occasional breakdown can drain your pocket over time.You can use this line of reasoning to bring down the price of that valuable import you set your eyes on.
But exactly how much of a reduction should you expect? This is where good price checking comes in.
Take note of the exact model of the import and do a Google search on the price and its factory warranty. Check out dealer quotes and then convert it into your local currency. You should then have a rough idea of how much you can shave from a dealer’s asking price.
One last thing: make sure to visit multiple dealers to see which ones offer the most competitive prices on their imports. It is also worth your time to ask for a breakdown of costs, as some dealers may have already shaved out warranty costs.