Is Your Precious Import Car Ready For Winter?


Our auto repair services Raleigh North Carolina branch sees a lot of business during the winter season, especially when it comes to import cars. Most garages don’t stock parts that are compatible with import cars, which is why import owners come to us to handle repairs and maintenance.
Did you know, though, that protecting your imports from the ravages of winter is much easier than it sounds? Here are a few tips to help you do just that:
Top up all your liquids
If you plan to leave your import in the garage for a prolonged period of time, remember to fill up on gas, oil and braking fluids. This prevents water from condensing inside half-empty containers and diluting the liquids. Not only will your engine have a harder time burning through diluted gas, but you really don’t want to drive through slippery slopes when your braking fluid is diluted with water.
Switch to a thinner oil
Speaking of liquids, you need to make sure that you use winter-appropriate oil during the colder seasons. Thinner oils (i.e. SW30) will pass more smoothly through the engine even in cold conditions and will respond better to freezing temperatures than thicker oil.
Mix your coolant with some antifreeze
The traditional 1:1 ratio (50% engine coolant, 50% water) is ideal for temperate climates but is prone to freezing during harsher winter climates. You need to switch a 3:2 ratio (60% coolant, 40% water) during winter while mixing in a little bit of antifreeze products. If your car is particularly susceptible to freezing temperatures, switch to 70% coolant with 30% water.
Switch to snow tires
Snow tires do a world of good when it comes to winter-proofing your car. These thicker, meatier tires are designed to better grip snow and ice while resisting the cold weather at the same time. Some tire manufacturers come up with year-round tires so those are a valid option you want to minimize hassles. One thing you need to remember with both types of tires is to keep them inflated at the appropriate levels. Too high and you run the risk of skidding around, too low and you’ll burn more gas in the long run.
Invest in de-icing products
You’ll want to keep three kinds of anti-freeze product: windshield coatings, windshield wiper fluids and all-purpose deicers. The windshield wiper fluid will handily get rid of frost that builds up on your windshield, the coating will prevent ice from building up too heavily for your wipers to handle and the all-purpose deicer will help you deal with frozen doors and frozen door locks.
Turn on the A/C
A car’s air conditioning unit can and will corrode if left unused during the winter months. Moving parts will start rusting while hoses will start drying up and cracking over time. This is why you have to run your car’s A/C for at least half an hour each week, preferably when you have free time and don’t need to drive anytime soon.
Oh, and one last thing – make sure to check up with our auto service Raleigh NC branch if you can. We can do all the above for you if you have a busy schedule along with more thorough services that will ensure your import will survive even the most brutal of winters!