Smart Tips To Getting Your Jeep Winter Road Trip Ready

November 11, 2021
Chris Whitfield

Smart Tips To Getting Your Jeep Winter Road Trip Ready

If you own a Jeep SUV, there’s a good chance you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. These vehicles are built for fun and adventure. With the holiday season right around the corner, many people are preparing to hit the highway. In this article we give important tips on how to get your Jeep ready for a winter road trip.

Replace Your Wipers
Jeep recommends wiper replacement every six months. Although your wipers may appear to be in good condition, it’s only a matter of time before the rubber blades begin to degrade. When driving on a rainy day, the last thing you want is for your wiper blades to suddenly break apart or be ineffective. Visibility will be extremely poor, which is a major safety hazard. It will be especially hard to clear away snow and ice from your windshield without wipers.

If your wipers have started to leave streaks or produce a chattering sound, this likely indicates excessive wear. Luckily, new wipers are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

Check Your Fluids
Never set off on a road trip without first checking your all fluids in your vehicle. A low level of antifreeze can cause your Jeep to experience a lot of trouble. No matter what season it is, your engine could overheat. When temperatures are freezing, an inadequate amount of coolant will be a problem could also lead to a cracked radiator. Another problem caused by low coolant is for your heater to not perform as well.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check your oil. High-mileage Jeep vehicles can consume motor oil at a higher rate, so to be on the safe side always bring along an extra quart of oil when traveling, better safe then sorry.

Test and Inspect Battery
Don’t forget to get your battery tested. During the colder months, your Jeep requires more cranking amps. If your battery tests as weak you will be thankful you replaced it ahead of time. You will want to invest the money on a top-quality battery. While cheap batteries may initially save you some cash, they are more prone to experiencing premature failure.

Another major reason to have your battery test is corrosion. Corrosion on the terminals can cause your Jeep to not start, thus putting you at risk of being stranded. Stranded is not the ideal in freezing cold winter weather. The cables are also prone to becoming loose over time.

Winter Tires
If your Jeep is equipped with off-road tires, great, you are already one step ahead of the game. The extra grip promotes greater traction during wintry conditions. Drivers will also have more confidence when traveling to an off-road camping site.

Winter tires are a good investment for drivers who plan to spend time in snowy areas. These tires have special tread patterns that aid your ability to churn through snow and ice. The rubber is also engineered to withstand freezing temperatures, thus helping the tires to better grasp the cold pavement.

Pack the Winter Essentials
Jeep models, such as the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, are built overcome Mother Nature’s toughest environments. However, there’s still a chance you could become stuck in deep snow. This is why you should pack the winter essentials.

A shovel could prove to be a lifesaver. You may have to dig your way out of a tough spot. Be sure to also keep a bang of sand on deck. Sprinkling the sand around your tires can help prevent spinning when stuck. A floor mat can also be used during emergencies to enhance traction.

Although Jeep vehicles are known to be reliable, eventually all vehicles will experience problems at some point. It is important to follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to extend the life of your Jeep. Keep up with required maintenance on your jeep will extend it's life. So be sure to get your Jeep road trip ready! Stop by Creech, we are capable of handling all of your Jeep maintenance needs.