Your Lexus Check Engine Light is On: Is It Serious?


Automobiles are incredible pieces of innovation. They are designed to continue working after hundreds of thousands of miles of travel and years of use, but only when they are maintained properly.
This means that even the most expensive 2017 Lexus LX will inevitably encounter some form of problem. Seeking the right repairs and preventative maintenance will reduce the severity of any problems that your vehicle might encounter, and eliminate others.
To that end, let’s examine one of the most mysterious warning features of the modern car: the check engine light. We’ll run through a few examples where you should take your import to an authorized mechanic to ensure the longevity of your car.
1. Flashing Check Engine Lights
If there is just one factor to consider, a flashing check engine light means that something is seriously wrong with your car. These tend to be the type of lights that most people ignore, but they can have serious repercussions.
In a Lexus LX, a blinking check engine light could mean:
The engine is misfiring, which could lead to other components becoming damaged and poor performance.
Compression problems, which could range from a shattered or worn piston to a deteriorated gasket in the engine.
Failing sensors, which can compromise an engine’s ability to run efficiently and/or reliably.
Overheating, which can be the precursor to throwing rods, shattered pistons and cracked engine blocks.
This is just a short list of the potential problems that a blinking check engine light could indicate by itself.
2. Rough Running and Poor Performance
A check engine light that is accompanied by other symptoms is an even more serious cause for concern. These symptoms tend to manifest in the form of rough idling, poor acceleration and a myriad of other problems related to performance.
The result of these issues is the same when you ignore them: components of the car will inevitably become damaged, which in turn will lead to your car failing to start. It may even stop running while driving, which could put you and others in serious danger.
If you have a blinking check engine light and your car has performance-related issues, then don’t wait to call us to inspect your vehicle.
3. Solid Check Engine Lights
Solid check engine lights are the least hazardous to your vehicle in the short term, but they are still a cause for concern. Solid lights are different from flashing lights because they indicate that there is a malfunction in an electrical component that may not hinder the car from functioning.
One of the most common reasons a solid check engine light will appear on a Lexus is a failing fuel emissions component. Something as simple as a faulty oxygen sensor can cause this light to illuminate.
The list of causes for a solid check engine light are numerous. They can range from a faulty component in the SRS system to a catalytic convertor that needs to be replaced.
If you see a solid check engine light, you should schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics. We can look for any causes, which in turn can help you evaluate how quickly you need to have your vehicle repaired to ensure that it stays safe to drive.
Check Engine Lights Aren’t the Only Reason to See a Mechanic
While check engine lights tend to represent the presence of more serious problems, they are not the only reason that you should see a mechanic. Everything from problems with your transmission to routine maintenance needs to be taken care of to ensure the longevity of your import automobile.
If you see a check engine light, or your automobile simply isn’t running like it should, then contact Creech Import Repair. Our experienced mechanics can diagnose your car’s problems before providing you with reliable repairs designed to last.
Call (919) 872-1999 to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics.
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