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Just like Toyota has its luxury line Lexus, Acura is Honda's luxury import to the United States. Since 1986, these vehicles have graced American roadways as the choice of many drivers seeking comfort, style and performance. Legend, the first Acura sold in the U.S., performed so well in our markets that the success story inspired Toyota and Nissan to develop their own upscale brands. If you drive an Acura in the Raleigh area, Creech Import Repair is pleased to offer the Acura repair services you need to keep your vehicle running its best.
Models for which Creech Import Repair provides Acura repair services include:
  • EL, RL, TL
  • Vigor
  • Integra
  • Legend
Creech Import Repair's skilled auto mechanics provide maintenance and auto repair for any model of the Acura line. Whether your vehicle is from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s or 2020s, we can help you keep it in top shape and living up to the brand's slogan of "Precision Crafted Automobiles."

Complete Acura Repair and Maintenance on St. Albans Drive in Raleigh, NC

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Do you need routine factory recommended maintenance on your Acura? Or do you need auto repair service because your vehicle does not run as it should? Whether your check engine light is illuminated or you just have a gut instinct that something is wrong with your vehicle, you can rely on Creech Import Repair for outstanding service from bumper to bumper.
Creech Import Repair's Acura repair and maintenance services include:

Common Problems with Acura Vehicles

No matter which vehicle you buy or how much it costs, you can expect it to have some auto repair needs from time-to-time. Of course, your Acura also requires routine maintenance by a skilled auto mechanic.

Even when you take the best possible care of it, your vehicle can have some of the problems many other Acura drivers report.
The most commonly occurring Acura repair needs include:
  • 2015 TLX jerks between gears
  • 2003 TL experiences transmission failure
  • 2006 TL dashboard cracks
  • 2010 TL consumes an excessive amount of oil
  • 2006 TL battery drains
Acura year models with the most auto repair needs include 2015, 2014, 2010, 2006, 2004 and 2003. Parts of these vehicles for which the most customers need Acura repair service include the transmission, engine, interior, electrical system and brakes, in that order.

Of the Acura line, the least reliable models are the TLX, TL, MDX and TSX. Of course, this reliability or lack thereof varies according to the manufactured year and from one owner to the next. Much of how your vehicle runs also depends on whether you fulfill routine maintenance needs at Creech Import Repair. It is very important to follow your manufacturer's maintenance guidelines.

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At Creech Import Repair, you always receive the best possible Acura repair and maintenance service. Customer satisfaction is also our highest priority. Our experienced mechanics stay up-to-date on all Acura models, auto repair needs and maintenance requirements. No matter which Acura you drive, you can trust our experts for the quality service you deserve.

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