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One of the many import makes Creech Import services is Acura. This company makes upper-end sedans and small SUVs. The professionals at Creech Import know the ins and outs of each model of Acura car. Despite their luxury, Acura vehicles still need regular servicing. Our Acura mechanics in Raleigh, NC can provide tune-ups, and also know how to take care of your damaged Acura if things go sour. An Acura repair is common and here are the repairs we specialize in.Creech Import often sees issues with the AcuraLink computer system featured in many Acura cars. Many issues with these vehicles can be resolved with simple software updates. This goes not only for doors, locks, windows, and other electronic features but for other issues as well. This is because Acura’s luxury cars feature advanced regulation and monitoring systems that ensure the well being of each component. For example, the Acura RL models in the early 2000s suffered from a grinding noise originating in the transmission of the vehicle. After a software update, the sound went away, and no further problems ensued. The technicians at Creech Import are familiar with software issues and can bring your Acura computer system up to date.

Acura Auto Repair

The Acura TL is a very popular car made by the company. When maintained properly, the TL has a reputation of providing many trouble-free miles. However, like any other vehicle, the TL will still need routine upkeep – things like the brake pads and timing belt. Replacing the timing belt on your Acura TL will be much less expensive than waiting for it to break. It should be changed out every 90,000 to 100,000 miles, or every 7 to 8 years.

However, even with routine maintenance, there are still common issues that may arise. One common issue with the TL is the engine mounts. They have a tendency to break prematurely – and this is certainly an issue our mechanics can resolve. There are also other common Acura TL issues.

Acura TL common issues.

Parasitic electrical draw that drains the battery if the vehicle sits for extended periods of time.

Hands-Free link control unit defect.
Models affected: 2006 RL 3.5
2004 TL 3.2 thru 2008 TL 3.2
2007 TL 3.5 thru 2008 TL 3.5


Replace the controller or leave unplugged.


Unplug fuses after the 10-15 minute draw stabilization and try locating the amp source with a low amp meter attached to the battery cable. This will verify the circuit involved.

Another popular model is the Acura RL. It is best known for its excellent safety ratings and was very popular in the early 2000s. They may experience radiator problems, drive axle problems, transmission problems, and issues with the struts. However, Creech Import can repair any damages you may see with your RL.

Creech Import is Raleigh’s premier maintenance and repair shop. Our years of experience have given us the expertise needed to fix any problems your car or SUV is facing.

We service the following Acura models TL, TSX, MDX, RDX, and RL

We also service the following Domestic Vehicles: GM, Chrysler / Jeep, and Ford
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