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Honda is the eighth largest automaker in the world, providing eager American auto buyers with a full line of reliable and attractive models for their next vehicle. In fact, Honda's Accord and Civic are the bestselling vehicles in more than 20 U.S. states. The Accord is the bestseller among North Carolina drivers. If you are one of the many Raleigh area residents who drive an Accord, Civic, CR-V, Insight, Odyssey, Passport or Pilot, Creech Import Repair offers the Honda repair and maintenance service you need. At Creech Import Repair on St. Albans Road, we provide the highest quality of service for all makes and models of Honda vehicles.

Complete Honda Repair Service in Raleigh

Creech Import Repair is proud to employ highly skilled Honda mechanics capable of providing the diagnostic service, auto repair and maintenance you deserve. Complete customer satisfaction is also our highest priority for our Honda customers. Our service covers all of your bumper-to-bumper needs, whichever vehicle model you own.
Honda repair and maintenance service available at Creech Import Repair includes:
Whether your vehicle is from the 1970s, 1980s or the 2020s, Creech Import Repair's mechanics will help you keep it in its top form. We use OEM parts and consult with you about your Honda repair needs before the work begins.

Common Honda Auto Repair Needs and Problems

Despite its stellar history as the eighth most popular automaker around the world, Honda's vehicles experience common problems like any other brand. Luckily, your Creech Import Repair mechanics stay up-to-date on these types of problems and all of your Honda's latest features, parts, technologies, maintenance requirements and repair needs. With this thorough knowledge, hands-on experience and the latest technologies used at Creech Import Repair, we are able to help you maintain your Honda's reliability for many years to come.
Some of the most common Honda repair needs include:
  • 2008 Accord commonly has premature brake wear
  • 2001 Civic experiences transmission failure
  • 2003 Accord experiences transmission failure
  • 2008 Accord consumes more oil than it should
  • 2002 Accord transmission slips and jerks
  • 2009 Accord experiences premature brake wear
Of all of the Honda repair needs experienced by these import vehicle owners, the most commonly reported issues affect the transmission. Other common issues affect the engine, interior, body, brakes, electrical system and air conditioning, in that order of most to least frequent. Most troublesome model years are 2008, 2003, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2006, also in that order.

If you drive a Honda, schedule routine maintenance with your skilled Honda mechanics at Creech Import Repair. Through this periodic service, we can help you prevent bigger issues further down the road. We can also help you keep your Honda in its best shape for many years of ownership and reliability. Of course, if your vehicle breaks down or shows signs of problems, our mechanics are ready to provide the stellar Honda repair service you need to get back on the road quickly.

Schedule Your Honda Repair Service Today at Creech Import Repair

Creech Import Repair's mechanics work on the full line of Honda automobiles, from the earliest models to the most recent. As part of routine maintenance or Honda repair service, our mechanics can quickly find your vehicle's problems. We use the latest technologies to provide excellent diagnostic service and OEM parts for reliability. 

Schedule your routine vehicle maintenance or Honda repair service at Creech Import Repair today by calling 919-872-1999.
Common Honda Problems And Trouble Codes