Infiniti Repair

Infinity Repair
Creech Import is Raleigh’s leading Infiniti repair and maintenance shop. With years of experience, our technicians provide the highest quality services in North Carolina. Not only can we service the more common Infiniti models such as the G, M, and EX, we have the expertise to deal with all makes, models, and years of Infiniti vehicles.
Like all luxury cars, Infiniti vehicles often experience electrical problems. Often, mechanical failures are also caused by problems with complex internal computer systems. Although these features are designed to ensure that all aspects of the vehicle are working in harmony, computer systems often need software updates and can be buggy. Our technicians regularly handle computer systems in cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. Creech Import can diagnose and resolve any electrical problems your Infiniti vehicle produces.

Infiniti G

The Infiniti G is made in both four and two-door varieties. We often encounter bad compression rod brushings on these vehicles, especially the G35. These cars often need brake replacements, as well. Many owners report having to repair or replace the brakes frequently throughout the lifetimes of the Infiniti G coupes and sedans. Our mechanics are familiar with this job and can have your car repaired quickly and affordable. In addition, the exterior paint on the G models seems somewhat fragile. The rough Raleigh climate takes its toll on the paint and bodies of all vehicles, and the Infiniti G is no exception. Creech Import can ensure the longevity of your vehicle by treating premature rust in both early and advanced stages.

Infiniti M

Another Nissan luxury model is the Infiniti M. These sedans may see steering, transmission, and cooling system problems. However, Creech Import can repair any variety of damages your M model may face. Electrical problems are common in the M series. For example, we have heard of mysterious car alarm incidents and electrical failures during wet weather. Our technicians can help you resolve or avoid these frustrating situations.

The Infiniti EX is a small luxury SUV that is well suited for many driving tasks. Our mechanics regularly repair steering and fuel pumps on the EX lines. There may also be strange vibrations coming from the engine of older vehicles. The professional staff at Creech Import can handle any and all problems with the Infiniti EX.

Specific Infiniti Problems

Infiniti power windows limit reset.
The driver’s window goes up then rolls back down 4 to 5 inches and stops.
Vehicles affected ….
  • 2003 FX35 3.5
  • 2004 FX35 3.5
  • 2005 FX35 3.5
  • 2006 FX35 3.5
  • 2007 FX35 3.5
  • 2003 G35 3.5
  • 2004 G35 3.5
  • 2005 G35 3.5
  • 2006 G35 3.5
  • 2007 G35 3.5