Jeep Repair

Creech Imports can Handle all of Your Jeep Repair Needs

At Creech Import Repair we specialize in Jeep service and repair. Some Jeep Wrangler models can be hard to start after sitting for a while. The fuel pumps wear over time and can be slow to get to normal operating pressure, causing delayed start. Replacing the fuel pump is the best repair to assure the engine starts every time so you don’t get stranded.

Creech Import repairs a wide variety of vehicles, not just imports. If your Jeep requires repair, there is not a better shop in the Raleigh area to fix your vehicle. We have certified expert mechanics that can perform major and minor repairs. Our mechanics can also diagnose hard to find problems. Creech is focused on quality service and 100% customer satisfaction.

Although Jeep vehicles are known to be reliable, eventually all vehicles will experience problems at some point. It is important to follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to extend the life of your Jeep. Also, Creech is capable of handling all of your Jeep maintenance needs. Below are some of the common problems you may experience with your Jeep.

2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler

Problem– The front suspension has a troublesome wobbling condition. Jeep owners have coined it the “death wobble”. The front axle basically begins to violently shake making the vehicle hard to control. This is especially noticeable on bad roads.

Solution– This problem can be caused by he following: Poor alignment, unbalanced tires, ball joints or steering stabilizer bar.
Jeep Repair
Diagnosis– The wobble can be a difficult problem to pinpoint. It is best to start with the simplest solutions and progress from there. First, do a visual inspection of the front suspension and look for any components that look worn or damaged. Second, ensure that the bolts are tight on the front track bar. Third, check the tires for abnormal wear, damage and proper inflation. Fourth, check the front wheel bearings for abnormal play. Next, inspect the tie rod and drag link ends for looseness. Last, check your front axle casters for proper adjustment. This is especially important if the vehicle has been lifted.

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Problem– Transmission does not shift properly. This typically occurs below 10,000 miles.

Solution– A defective transmission control module or faulty transmission will typically correct this problem.

Diagnosis– Although it does not commonly cause this particular problem on this vehicle, the transmission fluid should be checked first. Next, the transmission control module should be checked. If this component is good, then the transmission is most likely bad internally and will have to be rebuilt or replaced.

2007 Jeep Commander

Problem– The engine stalls while driving.

Solution– This problem can be caused by the following components: Engine control module, throttle position sensor, air control valve, catalytic converter or wheel speed sensor.

Diagnosis– The dash should be checked for a service engine light. If the light is on, the system will have to be scanned to see which fault codes are displayed. Troubleshoot the codes to determine which of the above parts are defective. Also, this problem can be difficult to diagnose if no fault codes are present. If no codes, first check for any problems with the throttle sensor. Second, check the air control valve. Third, look for problems with the wheel sensors. Fourth, test the engine module. Last, check the catalytic converters for obstructions or other problems.