Parallel Imports vs. Authorized Dealership: Know What You’re Getting Into


If you’ve been poking around the import market for a while now, you have no doubt encountered a few lesser-known agents with offers that undercut the main dealers around you. It sounds like a great deal, but you do have to understand what you’re agreeing to before you fork over your cash.

First off, parallel imports involve buying an import from a country, independently bringing it home and reselling it at a mark-up. Dealers negotiate with the manufacturer of the import and strike a deal to bring those imports to our shores.

The primary difference here lies in two things: price point and reliability of services.

Dealers typically charge more for their cars but offer extensive services in return. You can count on them to honor their guarantees and warranties because they are bound by their contractual agreements to the manufacturers of the import cars.

Parallel importers, on the other hand, charge less for their cars but are not bound by contractual obligations to anyone. Most are decent folk that is straight-up honest about their guarantees, but it is also very easy for the rotten ones to skip out on servicing and warranty obligations.

This is where we here at  Creech Import come into the picture. If you play your cards right, you can get a decently priced import and then leave the servicing to us. Shameless self-promotion, we know, but it’s still a legitimate option when your parallel importer comes up with a thousand excuses not to fix your car for you.