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Emergency Breakdowns and Roadside Assistance

December 28, 2018

Emergency Breakdowns and Roadside Assistance

We all take good care of our vehicles. However, there are many situations where you may need emergency roadside assistance. Anyone could lock their keys in their car or run over some hazards that blowout a tire. In some cases, people have chased after the savings of pennies at the pump in areas where gas is sparse. Running out of gasoline is a real possibility if you are in remote areas and gambling with gas prices. For others, it is just a matter of time before wear and age lead to crippling mechanical failures.

roadside assistance

Having a number on hand is critical to obtaining the roadside assistance you need in an emergency where you might not have access to your SmartPhone. Remembering the name of a popular roadside emergency assistance service can be a lifesaver if you inevitably run into someone who can at least assist you with finding the number. The thing to remember is to always stay calm and out of the way of traffic.

If your vehicle is located in a dangerous spot on the highway, you may want to try rolling it to the shoulder in neutral gear if you can do so safely. Turning on your emergency flasher lights is critical at night time to alert drivers speeding down the road that there is an obstacle in their path. If you are not able to move your vehicle safely or illuminate it in hazardous situations, it is always better to distance yourself from the vehicle to avoid becoming a crash victim.

Dead Battery Tips

It is common for motorists to find themselves stranded at least once in their lives from a dead battery. Although jumper cables work sometimes if your vehicle is sitting long enough. You are not likely to benefit from jumper cables. When you call for roadside assistance, the mechanic will bring a small portable battery-powered jumper that instantly delivers the powerful jolt needed to revive almost any dead battery from the grave.

There are always risks to using jumper cables yourself without proper guidance. Many people make the mistake of connecting the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the battery. This can cause the battery to explode. The proper method is to connect the negative cable to the chassis of the vehicle to disperse any positive ions.

Towing All Wheel Drive Vehicles

Never let a tow truck driver take your all-wheel drive vehicle without a flatbed. Running these vehicles with a tow truck that only lifts and secures two wheels can damage the all-wheel-drive components.

Fluid Leaks

If you come back to your vehicle and see that it has puddles, you should not try to drive it. Driving with your transmission or engine even for a short time without proper lubrication is a bad idea. You can potentially seize the bearings or burn out the clutches. Lubrication plays a critical role in cooling the components and preventing premature wear. Most of the catastrophic damage that occurs in transmissions and engines are from a lack of lubrication. Or failure to carry out other critical maintenance like changing the timing belt.

Flat Tires

Most vehicles are equipped with some sort of emergency tire repair kit. However, these are usually inadequate for many people to perform the work. They require too much physical strength and struggling to operate the equipment. Investing in a small automotive hydraulic jack that is easier to raise the vehicle and a breaker bar with good leverage can save your day. Having a jack stand in your vehicle is another great safety tip to protect your limbs in the event of the hydraulic seal suddenly failing. You should also carry a can of penetrating oil to break up the rust that can seize lug nuts in place.


No matter what type of mechanical failure or emergency situation you encounter, always be sure to follow up with proper diagnostics. Also, schedule a time to view and repair at a professional shop. Even though your battery appears to be working fine after the jump start, you should test it at a shop to determine whether internal cells are damaged. Catastrophic failures can be prevented by performing preventative maintenance and seeking the assistance of an expert automotive technician.

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