Save Money Maintaining Your Vehicle's Appearance During Cold Weather Months

October 17, 2019
Dig Dev

Challenging Seasonal Driving Conditions

With the arrival of the holiday season, some residents of Raleigh will journey to visit family and friends in distant places. Roadway travelers may even anticipate challenging weather conditions along the way. If you find yourself in this situation, taking steps to maintain your auto's attractive appearance becomes important. It could help you save money later!
If you study automotive values in consumer reference guides, you'll notice condition matters during the evaluation of secondhand vehicles. A well-maintained used car or truck generally commands higher re-sale prices than a comparable make and model in poor shape. Additionally, the exterior appearance of a used vehicle can also influence a prospective buyer. Most people prefer to purchase attractive cars and trucks. Read through this article to help you save money today!

Tough Winter Driving: Three Automotive Appearance Issues

Today, highway departments in many locations apply de-icing chemicals to paved surfaces in order to promote safer driving. Snowplow crews in rural areas also frequently cover asphalt with treated sand to provide better traction during slick conditions. While helpful from a safety standpoint, these measures also increase vehicle maintenance requirements. Materials deposited by road departments may eventually splatter onto passing vehicles in the form of roadway slush.
Gritty roadway debris contributes to three different types of exterior automotive damage. By remaining alert to these potential issues, you'll enjoy a better opportunity to keep your car or truck in an attractive condition after a long winter road trip. Watch out for a trio of problems:

  • Exterior Corrosion;
  • Cracks And Dings on Windshields And Windows;
  • Tracked-in Debris Inside Cabs.

Maintain Attractive Vehicle Trim To Save Money

To prevent roadway de-icing chemicals from damaging a glossy paint coat, you'll want to wash your vehicle completely following extended excursions. Taking this simple step helps remove pebbles and mud from wheels, fenders, and grilles, and it reduces the chance for de-icing chemicals from roadway splatter to corrode automotive surfaces. Pay particularly close attention to cleaning (and drying) the undercarriage, since that part of the vehicle encounters the most debris.
Today, car care supply companies also offer available commercial sprays designed to help protect the undercarriage of vehicles during winter. Additionally, several excellent surface treatments exist for coating exterior trim to preserve glossy paint coats from weather-related damage. You can ask your auto mechanic to apply these products for you before undertaking a road trip.

Windshield And Window Savings

The second type of harm caused by winter roadway debris can prove expensive unless corrected quickly. Rapidly rotating vehicle tires sometimes send pebbles or gravel from road surfaces flying. While usually, no damage occurs, if the debris does cause a nick or crack in your auto glass, you'll usually save money by obtaining repair services as quickly as possible.
Automotive glass today generally includes one or more layers of hard plastic sandwiched inside interior and exterior glass surfaces.

This strong safety glass barrier will usually prevent roadside debris from breaking a windshield. However, if a crack does occur on the exterior, the gradual contraction and expansion of different layers of the windshield during daily temperature changes over the course of months can result in hefty bills. It will inevitably cause cracks in the exterior glass to expand gradually in size. Skilled auto glass repair technicians can often fix small nicks or cracks effectively; if vehicle owners wait to seek repair services and a crack enlarges significantly, window or windshield replacement may become necessary.

Skilled Detailing Helps Maintain Auto Interiors

Transmissions save money

To prevent tracked-in roadside debris from damaging the cab, you may find it helpful to invest in some excellent auto floor mats before undertaking a long drive during cold weather conditions. These accessories help prevent pebbles and other loose material from becoming embedded in-vehicle carpets and upholstery.
Periodically obtaining professional detailing services can also help maintain auto and truck interiors in an attractive condition. Skilled detailers use specialized tools to clean automotive cabins thoroughly and efficiently. Particularly if you plan on re-selling your vehicle at some future point, requesting detailing services following a long journey may help you keep your vehicle sparkling clean.

Enjoy Carefree Maintenance To Save Money

When you need any auto inspection, maintenance or repair service, simply contact Creech Import Repair. We'd like to become your information resource whenever you have questions or concerns about your vehicles. Contact us at 919-872-1999 for fast, friendly assistance!