Seasonal Auto Maintenance & Safety Checks


Each season, brings its own unique and wonderful changes. The outdoor temperature, foliage, amount of daylight – everything is always in movement. One thing you want to keep moving is your car. Routine seasonal auto maintenance is as crucial to this as repairing arising mechanical problems. It is also a perfect time to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape for the upcoming travels.

Windshield Wipers Seasonal Auto Maintenance

First & foremost, change your wiper blades…..

One of the simplest changes you can make to ensure your safety as well as those sharing the road, is to change your wiper blades.

Winter can be tough on a set of windshield wiper blades. The ice, dirt and salt wreak havoc on the rubber, leaving your windshield visibility less than desirable. A wiper blade doesn’t do much good on a smeary windshield either.

If you don’t check fluids regularly, now is the time to do so…

With your windshield washer fluid full and fresh blades, you’ll be able to see whatever the road throws at you – hopefully figuratively, that is.

Next on the seasonal auto maintenance list is tires….

Whether you go with the cheapest brand possible or top of the line, having your tires in great condition is imperative for a smooth and safe drive.

Winter isn’t just hard on wiper blades, tans and social lives. It can be down right brutal on your vehicles wheels. Winter creates a season of its own – pot hole season. Nothing hates tires and suspensions more than rough, deep craters created by Jack Frost’s frozen fun of the past several months.

Check, or have your tires checked, for proper inflation, abnormal wear & proper alignment…

Transitioning into warmer weather is gradual. Cool days mix with warm days. Then warm days mix in with some even warmer days. Then eventually everyday becomes down right HOT. Unless you enjoy sweating profusely or having wind blown hair on your way to work, getting some aspects of your car checked ahead of time is a wise decision…..

One thing you may notice is a malfunctioning window or sunroof. If the window motor is making unusual sounds, or perhaps not working at all, get it checked as soon as possible. You most probably will regret waiting and having it go out completely when you need it the most.

Be certain your A/C system is functioning properly PRIOR to needing it…..

Once the warm weather changes consistently to hot, your A/C system will be getting its workout. Make sure all of your air conditioning components – hoses, clamps, condenser, compressor- are in shape and working properly and that there are no leaks. This will ensure a comfortable temperature inside your car even when the outdoors become unbearable.

Preventative Maintenance Reminder Seasonal Auto Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can be tough to remember…

Having certain mechanical aspects of your beloved everyday driver checked will prevent many problems that can occur. This ensures a comfortable, safe ride.

Perhaps you have a vehicle that isn’t driven all year round. It still needs to be checked on a regular basis and especially before the usage elevates for a while. Just as you check and change your wardrobe for the climatic changes – cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles should be showed the same attention.

A seasonal change is a great indication to have your mode of transportation checked and repaired…

Think of it this way, you change your toothbrush and smoke detector batteries on a regular basis. Being secure and comfortable while driving your car is just as, if not more so, important. Use the changing seasons as an easy reminder to keep up with your seasonal auto maintenance and safety checks.