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Auto Repair in Raleigh, NC

Creech Auto Repair is a family-owned business in Raleigh, North Carolina offering a full array of auto repair services and also performing NC inspections. We fix a wide range of makes and models, including:

We also offer a worry-free driving nationwide roadside assistance warranty for our customers for 24 months or 24000 miles. This warranty backs up our service and provides the protection you need to relax and enjoy your driving, whether near home or in other parts of the country.

 Mechanics You Can Trust & Service You Can Rely On

Rest assured our ASE-certified technicians provide the highest quality of auto repair service, including  repair for brakes, steering, suspension, engine, the drivetrain and electrical system, & more. We also provide tire rotation and tire and rim balancingair conditioning repair and tune up service. If you need us to check your cooling system, diagnose the check engine light, replace a throttle position sensor (TPS) or resolve an alert from the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), we meet those needs just like any other automotive issue.

Our foremost goal is complete customer satisfaction. We work very hard to exceed your expectations, maintain trust and keep your business. To meet these goals, we treat you with kindness, respect and honesty, whether you need us to rotate your tires, perform an oil change or provide major auto repair service.

Signs You Need Auto Repair Service

Drivers often suspect they need auto repair service, even when the vehicle does not break down. Noises, changes in handling and unusual odors sometimes point to an issue with one or more parts.

Visual Signs

Visual signs indicating you need auto repair include fluid leaks. These leaks are identifiable by their color, such as:

  • Yellow-green, pastel blue or bright orange fluids from an antifreeze leak or overheated engine
  • Dark brown or black oily leak indicating a bad seal or gasket causing an oil leak
  • Red oily spotting pointing to a possible power steering or transmission problem
  • Clear water puddles often indicating normal condensation from your cooling system

Odors Indicating a Problem

Odors possibly indicating you need auto repair service include:

  • Burned toast, often pointing to an electrical short or burning insulation
  • Rotten eggs or sulphur, typically pointing to a catalytic converter or emission control problem
  • Thick, acrid smell of burning oil
  • Gasoline vapors of a flooded engine, sometimes a leak in the fuel system
  • Burning resin or a chemical smell, possibly signalling brake or clutch overheating
  • Sweet, steamy smell of a coolant leak

Anytime you pick up on a strange smell coming from your vehicle, call Creech Auto Repair for recommendations. Some smells can point to a temporary problem that resolves itself, such as if you flood your engine and need to let it sit for a moment. At other times, strange odors mean you have a serious problem that puts you at risk if you attempt to drive your vehicle.

Sounds Necessitating Auto Repair

Sounds can also provide clues as to problems with your car. Some common sounds include:

  • Shrill or sharp squealing, sometimes indicating a power steering, fan or air conditioning belt problem
  • Clicking, often pointing to a loose or bent fan blade, stuck valve lifter or low level of engine oil
  • Screeching, a high pitched metallic sound when driving that can occur with brake wear
  • Rumbling, possibly because of an exhaust, catalytic converter, muffler, universal joint or drive-line problem
  • Pinging, sometimes caused by low octane gas or engine ignition timing
  • Heavy knocking, a pounding sound often related to a worn crankshaft, bad connecting rod bearings or a loose transmission and/or torque converter
  • Clunking, a randomly thumping sound possibly meaning a loose shock absorber, other suspension problem, exhaust pipe defect or muffler issue

As with odors and leaks, you should call Creech Auto Repair to understand the urgency of your particular issue. Schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle into the shop for diagnosis by our ASE-certified mechanics.

Feelings Related to Repair Needs

When driving your car, you possibly notice a change in how it handles or feels. These odd feelings can include:

Pay attention to these feelings and describe them to your auto repair technician at Creech Auto in Raleigh, NC.

Engine and Transmission Issues

Besides issues you sense by sight, sound, smell or touch, some problems relating to your vehicle’s engine have common signs. These signs indicating an engine problem include:

  • Engine starting difficulty
  • Check engine light on
  • Rough idling
  • Stalling
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Sluggish acceleration
  • Oil overuse
  • Engine running after key removal
  • If any of these problems occur with your vehicle, call Creech Auto Repair to schedule an appointment. Our technicians start with diagnostic service and after finding the problem, discuss repair needs with you.

Transmission problems come with signs, too. These typically point to a part failure, disconnected hose or blocked filter. At Creech Auto Repair, we first look for the simple problems. If small issues are not the cause, we provide deeper diagnostic service.

Signs of a transmission problem can include:

  • Hard or abrupt shifting from gear to gear
  • No response or delays when shifting out of neutral
  • Shifting failure when accelerating
  • Gear slipping during acceleration

Auto Repair in Raleigh, NC Since 1993

If you notice any of the above signs or symptoms of vehicle problems, call Creech Auto Repair in Raleigh at (919) 872-1999. We look forward to welcoming you into our customer family. Remember, all our auto maintenance services (costing $25 or more) come with a standard  24-month, 24,000 mile Worry-Free Driving Nationwide Roadside Assistance Warranty. This auto repair warranty backs up our service and provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Auto Maintenance Tip:

Preventative maintenance saves you money! Vehicle maintenance is just like brushing your teeth or going to the gym to workout. It takes time and commitment. The benefits of your vehicle are the same as your health. A vehicle properly maintained and kept three years after the end of your payments will save you an average of $20,000 to $30,000.