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Expert Brake Repair in Raleigh NC

Your automobile’s brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. They keep you safe, prevent accidents before they happen, and allow you to retain a high level of control when they are repaired. The problem with brake systems is that they contain numerous components that undergo wear and tear.

Brake pads can fail, brake lines can leak, low brake fluid levels can lead to inefficient braking, and a plethora of other nasty things can go wrong so it is better to opt for brake pad replacement. That’s where our local brake technicians enter the picture. At Creech Import Repair, we can diagnose and repair any issues with your brakes to ensure that you and any passengers in your vehicle are safe. Let’s examine some more information about brakes to better understand why brake repair is so important.

We only use the Highest Quality Brands of Brake Pads

How Do Your Brakes Work?

Car Suspension and Brakes Maintenance in Auto Service.

There are two main types of brake systems: disk brakes, which apply friction to both the front and rear axles; and drum brakes, which have a series of tubes and hoses connected to a drum that resides on the rear axle.

Other braking systems include brake pads and rotors, parking brakes, power brake boosters, and anti-lock brakes. The purpose of each brake is clear: to stop your car. When you press down on the brake pedal and brake fluid flushes, you’re applying pressure to a plunger that pushes brake fluid into the hydraulics of your brake system.

Disk brakes have an extra step. The fluid is forced into a caliper, where it then applies pressure a piston that squeezes the rotors down upon the axle. This causes your wheels to decelerate, which in turn causes your car to slow down.

Fixing Common and Uncommon Brake Issues

At Creech Import Repair and service in Raleigh, we have seen countless brakes and braking systems. We’ve encountered everything from the commonly worn rotors to warped rotors that fail to apply brakes evenly. The most common reason we need replacement is due to excessive use or accumulated heat.

These brakes become less able to work due to the decreased friction in the system, that means more pressure must be applied which results in more heat. Rotors are another common car part the needs to be repaired or you can opt for rotor replacement. Drivers wait too long to replace their brakes, which in turn causes the rotors to become warped or bent due to higher levels of heat or pressure. (See video: Why are my brakes squealing, squeaking, and grinding)

We repair rotors by utilizing a “Pro-Cut machine”. While this equipment isn’t cheap, it does provide for the best overall results by machining the rotors while they are on the car. Our machine eliminates vibration, which in turn maximizes braking power and performance while forcing your new brakes to experience significantly less wear.

To learn more about the Pro-Cut Rotor Matching Service see the video below:

Do You Need Brake Repair and live in the Raleigh North Carolina area?

If you experience any of the following, then it’s a good idea to contact Creech Import Repair to have our technicians inspect your brakes:

  • Metal-against-metal sounds.
  • Having to brake harder to stop.
  • A high amount of braking.
  • Braking while carrying heavy loads.
  • Routinely braking from high speeds to a complete stop.

If you perform the following, then your rotors may be warped or worn:

  • Regular hard brakes.
  • Driving through hilly areas.
  • Braking using metallic rather than ceramic brakes.
  • Braking with worn or sticking rotors.
  • Using unvented rotors.
  • Braking heavy loads without the assistance of trailer brakes.

When you make the decision to repair your brakes, you should trust Creech Import Repair because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our repair technicians are ASE certified and use only the latest technologies to provide you with the best brake repair solutions.

Providing you the best brake repair service in the Triangle

We’re so focused on providing you with the best brake service possible that we stand behind our with a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty that covers parts and labor.

Our customer-oriented service will provide you with the satisfaction you need to reliably control your vehicle while our employees’ ability to respect and treat you as one of our valued customers will impress you. Trust Creech Repair Imports for all your mechanical maintenance and repair needs.

If you’re looking for the most reliable brake repair in Raleigh NC, then look no further than Creech Imports.

Our brake assessment includes the following:

  • Brake - the measurement of pads thickness
  • Brake hardware - check for wear and tear
  • Inspect - leaks and brake fluid levels
  • Rotors / drums - make a recommendation between resurfacing or replacement
  • Wheel cylinders - check master cylinder for function
  • Brake hoses - the hoses commonly  wear out, regular inspection is recommended

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