Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Need Check Engine Light Repair? We Can Help.

Check engine light The Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light comes on for many different reasons. Your vehicle’s computer, or ECM (electronic control module), constantly monitors and controls your vehicle’s powertrain (engine and transmission) to keep your vehicle running at maximum efficiency with the least emissions. When your Check Engine Light illuminates, a sensor has determined that something is ‘outside the norm’ for what it is monitoring. This could be your vehicle’s idle, air/fuel mixture or even ignition timing. When your Check Engine Light first comes on, it could be something very minor. However, if left unchecked, your minor fix could quickly turn into a major repair costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here’s why: let’s say your Check Engine Light comes on while you’re driving to work. Your vehicle’s ECU has determined that the timing of the spark, called ‘ignition timing’, is off and should be able to adjust the ignition timing automatically. However, if the knocking continues, you may end up destroying your engine. Just think: any ‘knocking’ in any engine usually means metal parts are banging together. Over time, high heat and continual knocking could cause catastrophic engine failure.

For example, the 2010 Toyota 4-Runner commonly runs code P0016.

Basically, what this code means is the cam sensor is detecting cam position that is “out of range”. Also, the most common cause of this is the timing chain or related component is stretched or worn and the variable valve timing gear is unable to correct position into normal operating range. Vehicles potentially affected Toyota check Engine light repair
  • 2007 4Runner 4.0
  • 2008 4Runner 4.0
  • 2009 4Runner 4.0
  • 2010 4Runner 4.0
  • 2011 4Runner 4.0
  • 2012 4Runner 4.0
  • 2007 Fj Cruiser 4.0
  • 2008 Fj Cruiser 4.0
  • 2009 Fj Cruiser 4.0
  • 2010 Fj Cruiser 4.0
  • 2011 Fj Cruiser 4.0
  • 2012 Fj Cruiser 4.0
  • 2007 Tacoma 4.0
  • 2008 Tacoma 4.0
  • 2009 Tacoma 4.0
  • 2010 Tacoma 4.0
  • 2011 Tacoma 4.0
  • 2012 Tacoma 4.0
  • 2007 Tundra 4.0
  • 2008 Tundra 4.0
  • 2009 Tundra 4.0
  • 2010 Tundra 4.0
  • 2011 Tundra 4.0
  • 2012 Tundra 4.0

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