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Check Engine Light

Need Check Engine Warning Light Repair? We Can Help.

Since 1993, Creech Auto Repair has served customers in the Raleigh area with exceptional customer service founded on integrity, honesty and respect. We understand how important your vehicle is to you, so we always do our best to ensure you receive the service you need quickly and effectively. In fact, we back all of our service with a 24,000 mile, 24 month roadside assistance warranty. With our service you can trust you are in the right hands. This is true whether for diagnostics on a lit check engine light, routine maintenance or repairs after a break-down.

check engine light

Vehicle makes we service in our Raleigh auto repair shop include:

This service includes routine maintenance, major auto repairs and diagnostics for a check engine light. An ASE-certified mechanic provides work you can rely on, made even more reliable through our service guarantee and roadside assistance warranty.

What does an illuminated check engine light mean?

The check engine light on your dash gauge panel indicates there is a problem with your vehicle that needs the attention of a qualified auto mechanic. The light turns on for a multitude of reasons, ranging from regular maintenance or tune up reminders to major repair needs. Whatever the cause for the light to turn on, that problem only grows worse over time if you ignore your vehicle's needs.

Thankfully, getting your car serviced to turn the check engine light off only requires scheduling an appointment with your trusted mechanic at Creech Auto Repair. Our auto technicians perform diagnostic service and talk to you about the problem and required steps to fix it. Sometimes, you only need routine maintenance to prevent problems. At other times, you possibly need major repair work.

Steady vs. Blinking Check Engine Light

If your check engine light remains steadily lit, your vehicle's sensors have detected something suspicious. The problem can relate to an engine part or the sensor, itself. You can still drive your car with a steadily illuminated check engine light. But you need to schedule service at Creech Auto Repair as soon as possible.

When this light flashes, that changes the urgency of your situation. You should never drive a vehicle with its indicator light flashing. Instead, have it towed to Creech Auto Repair immediately. Otherwise, you risk much more serious and costly mechanical damage to your automobile.

Five Reasons Why a Check Engine Light Turns On

The top five reasons for a check engine light to turn on include:

Oxygen (O2) Sensor Problem

The O2 sensor measures your vehicle's exhaust system for unburned oxygen. If you do not take your car in for service when the light turns on, the engine will burn more fuel than it needs. This affects your fuel economy and your wallet, as you get fewer miles to each gallon of gas. A faulty O2 sensor can also damage your catalytic converter and spark plugs, adding more cost to your automotive repair needs.

Loose, Damaged or Lost Gas Cap

Many people are surprised to learn that a loose, damaged or lost gas cap causes the check engine light to turn on. The gas cap keeps your vehicle's fuel system sealed, maintains pressure in the fuel tank and prevents hydrocarbons from releasing into the atmosphere, as a critical part of the EVAP system. If you do not replace this cap, some of your gas will leak into the environment through evaporation. This problem also leads to more trips to the gas pump and more money pulled out of your wallet.

Emission Control System Problem

As part of your evaporative emission control system (EVAP), your catalytic converter turns harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. This protects the environment. But if you neglect regular maintenance, your catalytic converter can break down and trigger your check engine light to turn on.

Another problem that can trigger the light is a purge valve malfunction. This part also plays a big role in emission control, as part of the EVAP system.

When these parts need replacing, your vehicle will not pass emissions testing for NC inspection. Its performance and fuel economy also suffer, with the engine running at a hotter temperature.

The Mass Airflow Sensor Needs Replacement

Another possible problem causing the check engine light to turn on is a faulty mass airflow sensor (MAF). This sensor measures air entry into the engine to regulate the amount of fuel used by the engine. If you do not replace the MAF sensor when needed, you can damage your spark plugs, catalytic converter or 02 sensors. A faulty MAF sensor also reduces your car's fuel economy and performance.

Faulty Spark Plugs or Plug Wires

Spark plugs work as part of your vehicle's electrical system to create a spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Plug wires transfer this spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. If you do not replace faulty spark plugs or wires, your catalytic converter can clog. You can also have damage to your vehicle's ignition coils and O2 sensors. These parts affect engine performance and fuel economy, too.

Another light much like the check engine light, but indicating issues with a specific part, is for your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If your vehicle has this light, you need to have your tire pressure checked at Creech Auto Repair. At other times, the TPMS sensor itself is faulty and triggers the TPMS light.

How do I know what causes my check engine light to illuminate?

You do not need to figure out the problem causing your dash light to illuminate. Instead, simply call Creech Auto Repair in Raleigh at (919) 872-1999 and schedule an appointment. We provide the diagnostic service for you and advise you of the repairs or maintenance your vehicle needs. Call us today to schedule your regular maintenance, auto repair, oil change or check engine light service.