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NC Inspection

NC Inspection Station in Raleigh, NC

Since 1993, Creech Import Repair has served Raleigh area residents by providing the highest quality of auto repair and maintenance service. Customer service is important to us, so we consider listening to you and responding to your needs our top priority. Besides having exceptional facilities and employing the most knowledgeable ASE-certified technicians, we also provide the array of services you need. These services include North Carolina auto inspection. Whether you own a recent model vehicle or a vintage one, we help you get your vehicle through the NC inspection process for state registration.

Vehicle makes we service, repair and provide NC inspection for include:

As a state-certified car inspection station, we take the process of NC inspection seriously. But you do not have to stress when preparing your vehicle for this process. Our ASE-certified technicians have the ability to provide the auto repair or maintenance services you need to get your vehicle ready. It is also quite convenient for you to have your car inspected while getting other routine maintenance performed, such as having your tire pressure checked, the illuminated TPMS light diagnosed, getting a tune up or getting an oil change.

What is a NC inspection?

Like other states, North Carolina requires motor vehicle owners to have their cars inspected and registered before driving them. These inspections must take place yearly in the state, with some counties also requiring omissions testing. You cannot renew the registration of your vehicle until your vehicle complies with these tests.

The safety inspection costs only $13.60 per vehicle. If your county is one in which you must also have the emissions checked, this inspection is an additional $16.40 for a total cost of $30. If your vehicle has aftermarket window tinting, this additional annual inspection costs $10.

North Carolina’s requires its annual emission and safety vehicle inspection of all vehicles except those that are three years old or newer with less than 70,000 miles. However, the state waives these requirements for antique vehicles 35 years of age or older. Motorcycles must undergo inspection but the state does not require these vehicles to undergo an omissions test.

What parts of my vehicle does the NC inspection include?

Parts of your vehicle included in the annual NC state inspection include:

In compliance with state laws, Creech Import Repair’s technician checks your vehicle’s brakes to ensure they are in proper working order. They examine the parking brake, as well. Many vehicles fail inspection because of a faulty parking brake, when this part needs a simple adjustment. Others’ vehicles require more extensive repair work on the parking brake or service brake replacement before passing the inspection.


To pass your NC inspection, your lights must be in proper working order. This includes all exterior lighting, such as:

  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Taillights
  • Turn signals
  • License plate lights
  • Parking lights

Every light must be securely and properly mounted without any cracks or obstructions in the lenses. Headlights must also aim into the path of the vehicle, not into the air or ground.


The horn must work and not have any frayed or loose wires. Its sound should carry for at least 200 feet without being exceptionally loud or harsh. Aftermarket horns sometimes require additional testing.


More people fail their NC inspection because of tires, than any other inspected part. Your tires must have at least 2/32″ of tread depth in good condition. Otherwise, you must first replace your tires to pass inspection. These parts cannot have any snags, cuts, exposed cords, bulges, bumps or knots in the tread. They also must not have sidewall separation or other partial tire structure failure.

Steering and Suspension

Your vehicle cannot have disconnected or loose suspension components. Your springs must work properly and not have any breaks or sagging. Steering must move freely without any hindrances to proper operation, with power steering having no leaks. The steering belt cannot be too worn or loose. Your vehicle also cannot have any broken, bent or twisted steering or suspension parts. All nuts, bolts and rivets must be present and appropriately tightened.

Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers must work as they should, operating freely and easily from the driver’s position. They must effectively clear the windshield of rain, snow and other material. These parts cannot show damage or missing pieces and blades must not have visible damage or missing rubber.

Windshield Glass

The windshield glass cannot have damage or cracks that obstruct the driver’s view. Nor should any damage affect the operation of the wipers.

Window Tinting

At least 32% of light must transmit through your window tinting. Your windows cannot have red, amber or yellow tinting. Windshield tinting can only extend up to five inches from the greater of the top of the windshield or below the AS1 line. The state also limits tinted windows to light reflection of 20% or greater.


All mirrors must be firmly mounted in place without any damage or cracks. They must also be easily adjustable, not obstructing forward vision. Most vehicles must also have a rearview mirror.

Creech Import Repair Helps You Fulfill NC Inspection Requirements

Many people stress over their annual NC inspection, particularly when their vehicle needs repairs. But you do not have to feel stressed by this process, particularly when your repairs come with our national roadside assistance warranty. Before having your vehicle inspected at Cheech Import Repair, talk to us about your concerns. We can provide routine maintenance, repairs and checks to ensure your car is top working order before your NC inspection. Schedule your service today by calling (919) 872-1999 and find out why so many Raleigh area drivers have trusted us for more than 25 years.