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Oil Change

An oil change in Raleigh is one of the most basic maintenance services for your car. Although it is a quick and inexpensive process, it is one you cannot neglect.

The friendly mechanics at Creech Import Repair understand your time is valuable. This is why we provide convenient scheduling and prompt, courteous service to get this routine necessity checked off your “to-do” list.

Creech Import Repair has provided quality auto maintenance and repair services in the Raleigh area since 1993. We are a family-owned business, one welcoming each of our customers as members of our extended family.

We work hard to provide the highest quality of service in our ASE-certified shop for a variety of makes and models, including:

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Your vehicle has many working parts. Most of these parts are metal. This means these parts can rust or erode from regular use. Motor oil plays an important role in preventing the breakdown of these parts, keeping the engine lubricated to prevent friction.

The oil filter is another important part of your engine’s lubrication process. The filter cleans oil by catching much of the dirt, metal fragments, and residue the oil picks up as it passes through the engine.

Over time, motor oil breaks down and accumulates debris. This debris builds up in the oil filter, too. Oil breaks down also occurs as part of oxidization, a thickening caused by ongoing exposure to heat, air, and moisture.

As it breaks down, the oil stops working as it should and your engine suffers. But through a quick oil change in Raleigh, your Creech Import Repair technician restores your oil and filter to top form. As a result, you keep your engine clean and prevent the engine damaging effects of dirty, ineffective oil.

How Oil Travels Through Your Car’s Engine

When it is new and clean, oil runs smoothly through your engine as it lubricates working parts. It pumps through passageways providing a cooling effect to reduce heat produced by the engine. This lubrication and heat reduction are why motor oil and the filter are so critical to your engine’s life.

Parts involved in pumping oil through your engine include:

  • Valve train
  • Main bearings and rod bearings
  • Piston rings
  • Cylinder walls
  • Oil pan
  • An Oil pump
  • Oil filter

Lubrication is very important for your engine’s moving parts, including the valve train, main bearings, rod bearings, piston rings, and cylinder walls. The oil pan serves as a reservoir at the base of the crankcase, collecting oil before it again cycles through the engine.

The oil pump draws this latent oil out of the oil pan and back through the engine’s many passageways. Along its cycling route, the oil lubricates all of the functioning parts and picks up debris before passing through the filter, returning to the pan, and starting the cycle again.

Under the best circumstances, your engine stays clean and well-lubricated with fresh oil keeping it that way. But if you let your oil and oil filter become sticky and heavy with debris, they stop working as they should. This dirties your engine and makes its parts run poorly.

When to Replace Your Oil?

You need an oil change anytime this lubricant is no longer able to protect your engine. The best way to understand when this happens is to review your vehicle’s owner’s manual or talk to your auto technician at Creech Import Repair in Raleigh. You also need service if you notice an oil leak from spots formed on your driveway or garage floor. This possibly points to problems with seals, gaskets, connections, or the oil pan.

Typically, you should change your car’s conventional oil and filter every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. But this depends on your make and model, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations and type of oil used in your vehicle.

Synthetic oil runs cleaner for a longer period of time. This man-made oil improves your engine’s performance and reduces gas consumption, as it lubricates working parts better. In some vehicles, synthetic oil remains effective for up to 15,000 miles.

What Happens When You Skip Oil Changes

Skipping an oil change or extending the time between these changes is never good for your engine. By avoiding this quick and inexpensive maintenance, you speed up the wear and tear on your engine’s parts. The same damage occurs when you notice your engine burns through oil quickly, but you do not take it in for service. As a result, your engine does not run smoothly and breaks down earlier than it should.

Schedule Your Oil Change in Raleigh Today

Everyone at Creech Import Repair wants to help you keep your engine running its best for the longest possible time. To help you preserve the life of your car and prevent premature wear, simply schedule routine maintenance, including a tune up and oil change. We also perform a full range of auto repair services and NC State Inspection. Call Creech Import Repair today at 919-872-1999 to schedule your oil change.