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Tune Up

Complete Automotive Tune-Up

Creech Import Repairs advocates for customers to maintain their car through the proper scheduled maintenance procedures. We understand that customers are always looking to save money. Scheduled maintenance and vehicle tune-ups will save you a great deal of money by keeping your car in peak condition. These scheduled maintenance procedures also help identify potential problems before they cause more, and often very expensive, damage.

A quick word about the importance of scheduled maintenance for your vehicle:

Performing basic car maintenance tasks can keep your car running more efficiently. This will save you money, extending the life of your car and keeping you safe. Some of these tasks and checks should be done at regularly scheduled times. Others should be done when your car reaches a certain mileage. The certified technicians at Creech Import Repair will be more than happy to look up your particular vehicle’s suggested maintenance schedule so that you can keep your car running better for a longer period of time. Maintenance is one of the most serious aspects of ownership. It determines the longevity, performance, and reliability of whichever vehicle you drive.

Maintaining Your Vehicle Means Getting A Tune Up

Maintenance means taking care of all the parts, even those that are under the hood. After all, those are the ones that directly concern the performance of your vehicle. In addition to having a certified repair shop assist you with scheduled maintenance, there some things you can do as an owner to keep your car in peak performance: checking the battery, keeping a check on the oils, changing the oils, checking the electrical system, are some of the absolutely unavoidable things to keep your vehicle in good shape.

Remember, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. In order to keep you satisfied with our repairs and services, we employ only the best mechanics and technicians. Our repair technicians are ASE certified and use the latest in technology and equipment to keep your car in peak condition. We also want you satisfied with your entire experience here at Creech Import Repair, which is why we promote our business philosophy with all employees: treat customers with kindness, respect, and honesty and we will be successful. In addition to our focus on customer service and satisfaction, we stand behind our work with a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor.

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Check Engine Light

Today's vehicles have sensors that send signals to a computer that monitors emissions set to a government standard. If any of the sensors read a level that falls outside acceptable levels, your check engine light will illuminate, helping you avoid catastrophic damage to your vehicle.

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Our Warranty program covers most parts and labor for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Whichever comes first when traveling more than 25 miles from the original TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE repair facility.