Signs Your Car Engine Will Soon Give Up On You


Regular checkups can help you spot potential problems even before they flare up, giving you a chance to fix the small problem before it snowballs out of control and kills the rest of your car engine. Some engine issues, however, pop up at the most unexpected times – and you have to get them looked at ASAP if you want to keep your engine in tip-top shape.
Car EngineSo without further ado, here are a few signs that you need your car engine looked at:
Persistent dashboard lights
Those dashboard lights are your first line of defense. If they don’t shut off a few minutes after starting up your car engine, then it’s a sign that something’s wrong with your engine, your electronics or both. You may not notice anything wrong right now, but trust us when we say those lights are installed in your car for a reason.
Blue, white or black smoke exhaust
Black smoke is a sign that your car’s filters are dirty and need to be changed. Blue smoke is a sign that oil is getting into the fuel lines. White smoke is a sign that condensation or even antifreeze has found its way into fuel lines. Check all seals, pipes and lines and bring them to an auto shop if you can’t find or fix the problem.
Tapping, grinding, clunking sounds
Clunking noises are a sign of loose or broken parts. Popping sounds indicate a premature detonation of gasoline in the combustion chambers and can the piston given enough time. Grinding on the other hand is a sign that something’s wrong with your transmission. Try to track down where the noise comes from so the repair process is sped up.
If you notice any of these, bring your car to a service professional (like us) to get a closer look and fix the problem before it does further, more expensive damage to your car engine!