Sprucing Up Your Car On The Inside


The majority of cars today are used every single day. People open the doors, get in and out of the vehicle and drive down the road. Along with those who get in and out of the vehicle, dirt, grime and anything people are carrying may remain in the car. Dirt and grime can shorten the life of a vehicle’s interior. People tend to forget things now and then and the items may add up to a pile somewhere in the car. Spring cleaning the car interior is a good idea to enhance the life of the vehicle as well as assuring these items left in the vehicle do not distract the driver.
Every time a car door or window is opened there is dirt and grit in the air which can enter a car. Most of this dirt settles as dust on places where it is easily seen such as the dashboard or floor mats. When people get into a car whatever is on the bottom of their footwear also enters. This can be seen in floor mats or carpeting of the vehicle. What cannot always be seen is what happens to the upholstery.
Many cars have leather upholstery and it is more difficult for dirt or other particles to get into the leather. The dirt and particles will usually collect in the seams. It can cause wear and tear there and should be cleaned out on a regular basis. With cloth upholstery many times the dirt and grit are hiding from view. This does not mean it does not exist. It simply means that unless cleaned out it can wear the threads of the material down and cause failure of the upholstery at any point, not just along the seams. This could mean an expensive replacement for a vehicle.
There are not a lot of shops which specialize in car upholstery cleaning. While it can be a job done at home it is not one which can be done as well as that done by a professional. Consider calling a carpet and upholstery cleaner and have them clean the inside of your vehicle. While it may sound unconventional these people clean both carpet and upholstery for a living. They have the tools to do a better job than most people can buy or rent. They also know their business and the driver’s seat is not that much different than the driver’s favorite recliner in the family room. It is in a smaller space but most cleaners will be happy to add that to the list of items they clean for their customers. A little expense on cleaning now will add years to the life of cloth upholstery.
Leather upholstery should be cleaned using whatever product the manufacturer recommends. Leather comes from many different places and some do require specialty cleaning. Check the owner’s manual for more information. If there is no information and the dealer cannot offer any assistance then calling a leather shop for a good all around leather cleaner is the best way to choose the correct cleaner for the leather upholstery.
After the upholstery is cleaned the dashboard and other surfaces should get their turn in the cleaning journey. Depending upon the material of the dashboard and other console areas it is best to check the owner’s manual for cleaning products. There are many on the market today which are formulated for many different types of dashboard materials. Checking with the local auto parts store if the owner’s manual and dealership offer no information would be a good idea.
A good cleaning means getting rid of all of the old. This means going through the glove box and cleaning it out. There are many useful items which can be stored in a glove box. That is one of the reasons a good car cleaning means going through that compartment. No one ever knows quite what they will find in most of them. If the glove box is where a person keeps their insurance and registration information it might be a good time to check and make sure the updated paperwork is there. Take out old registration and insurance papers if they are still in there to avoid confusion at a later time. It may also be a good time to purchase a bright colored holder for just that paperwork in case the glove box is frequently full.
One of the worst places most cars need cleaned is under the seats. Anything that ends up on the floor has a good chance of migrating there through no effort on the part of the owner. Starting and stopping a vehicle ensures this movement all on its own. Items, especially those under the driver’s seat, can become a hazard while the vehicle is in motion. Cleaning them out will stop driver distraction when they move.