Your Summer Car Maintenance Checklist


As the weather becomes warmer and more humid, there are a number of maintenance-related issues that you should take care of with regards to your automobile. These issues can result in lackluster performance, unreliable starts and costly repairs that could keep your car in the shop for weeks.
The good news is that these points of maintenance are relatively easy to complete. We regularly inspect and maintain these issues on behalf of our clients, which allows us to notice early signs of wear-related damage.
Let’s examine a short checklist of the things you should have performed by a trained service technician on your car as summer begins.
1. Inspect and Replace the Battery
Heat is one of the greatest concerns on lead-based car batteries. The prolonged heat of summer will decrease how effectively the battery holds a charge, which in turn is why most car batteries tend to die around the middle to end of summer.
We can inspect your battery for capacitance. If it needs to be replaced, then we can replace it with a battery that is both adequate and durable with regards to the needs of your car.
2. Oil and Oil Filter Changes
Some car owners choose to have the oil changed on an annual basis as the oil may deteriorate due to exposure to the heat. However most car manufacturers recommend to change the oil of car at different mileage intervals. Regular oil changes are vital to the logevity and protection of your engine. Oil changes are routine, and can be completed in half an hour to an hour. We can utilize traditional motor oil or synthetic oil.
3. Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic fluid tends to be found in power steering systems. As it degrades, it becomes thick and less effective, which in turn can cause issues with the power steering of a car.
Replacing this fluid is a cheap way to prevent power steering issues. Similarly to oil changes, power steering fluid only takes a small amount of time to change.
4. Air Conditioner Refrigerant
Air conditioner refrigerant tends to leak as the system sits. While the leaks are miniscule, the loss of refrigerant causes the air conditioner to work harder. This results in less efficiency and more wear on the system.
Our technicians can recharge air conditioner refrigerant to ensure the proper function of your air conditioning system. We can utilize refrigerant with leak stop,which in turn will help to maximize the performance of your system over time.
Regular maintenance fixes problems before they occur
The one thing to understand about these maintenance points is that they are relatively minor, but they could develop into major issues. Bad oil can result in overheating, which in turn can result in a cracked engine block and considerable repairs.
By paying attention to these maintenance tips before considerable problems arise, you will save yourself time and money.
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