Technology in Cars Making the Roads Safer

October 17, 2019
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Technology in Cars Making the Roads Safer

Infiniti Technology in Cars

Cars and technology have been fantasized about for decades now, between James Bond and Batman, people have imagined all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to make their vehicle cooler. In the last few years, there has been a huge rise in the technologies that are implemented in automobile design.

The following are the top 5 coolest uses of technology in automobiles.

Audi TT Spoiler

Spoilers function by redirecting wind flow to increase handling and control by keeping the car on the ground. The spoiler actually uses the air rushing over the car to force the car to lower.

The Audi TT spoiler deploys itself at speeds over 75 miles per hour and retracts when the car goes below 50 to ensure the driver has optimal control of the vehicle. The function of the spoiler also looks like something out of science fiction.

Gesture Controls

Fiddling with the radio has definitely caused a few crashes in the past. You're looking down, trying to find that one song you used to jam out to, and you vier just a little out of your lane.

Fortunately, technology in cars has traveled ahead of you to solve this type of problem. A small camera in front of your console captures your movements and reads it to your system telling it what to do.

No more button fiddling, and no more reaching over to make it happen. Simply hold your hand out and use slight gestures with your fingers to make the volume go up or down or channels go back and forth.

Mirror Free Cars

In this case, we're not referring to that old rusty truck your grandfather used to own. Companies like BMW have developed concept cars that actually use wide-angle cameras and monitors to capture the views previously shown in your rearview mirrors.

The monitors are placed where the old mirrors used to be and produce real-time footage of what is going on around your vehicle.

This technology in cars actually increases the view of drivers because the cameras are able to capture more than the old mirrors where capable. This new technology may be seen in vehicles sooner than you might think. Japan has passed laws allowing the production of this type of vehicle, and Europe seems to be soon to follow suit.


Yes, seriously. Autopilot functions are currently being beta processed in the Tesla line and have shown some very promising results. The AutoPilot mode of the vehicle will actually speed up, slow down to a stop, shift lanes, and keep you in a specified lane. Because the software is not completely developed as of yet,


Tesla warns any users to make sure and keep both hands on the wheel as if they were not being assisted. This type of technology in cars, even in its beta stages, offers an entirely new level of safety. There are now two drivers watching the road at all times keeping all passengers away from dangerous situations.

Those types of situations will be greatly alleviated with systems like autopilot to assist in driving. Like KITT from Knight Rider, cars are becoming more like robotic assistants.

Heads Up Display

Heads up displays are not only cool but very functional. In the 80s, this type of technology in cars was purely science fiction. In the 90s, there may have been a clock that used it as a novelty. Now in many new 2017 models, there are functioning holographic displays of your speed on your windshield.

This type of technology helps you not have to glance down at the speedometer. That split second your eyes are not on the road is a breeding ground for disaster. The more your eyes are on the road the better off you will be.

Infrared Cameras

This military type of technology uses night vision scopes or goggles. Also, vehicles today are using it to help prevent late-night accidents. Your headlights on high may not give you enough time to see an animal in time to stop. However, night vision technology in cars can map out heat signatures from further off and tell you if you are in danger.

Deer are the cause of one million car accidents each year.
The technology in cars is becoming more and more advanced. The modern car is packed full of gadgets to keep you safe. We all want to feel a little like Batman, and thanks to some manufacturers we finally can.

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