The Facts About Brakes …


All brake pads are not created equal. When buying brake pads it’s very true that you get what you pay for. Cheap pads are noisy, can create lots of brake dust on your wheels, and have a short service life. The best brake pads on the market are unquestionably a brand called “Akebono”. For years they’ve been manufacturing brake pads for many Asian manufacturers like Toyota, Honda and Isuzu for production line assembly, just to name a few. They also supply similar pads for the dealers to use in there dealership service departments, and over the counter sales in the dealer parts dept. Note the word “similar”. What most people don’t realize, (including the dealers) is the pads sold thru the dealer parts network are called OES or original equipment service pads. They are not the same quality as the OEM or original equipment manufactured part. They are of a lesser quality for the purpose of being more price competitive. We buy Akebono pads thru parts suppliers who can supply the ACT Akebono parts which are exactly like the vehicle was equipped from the manufacturer. Yes they cost more but our customers demand the best in brake work, including minimum to no operational noise. We always use this pad whenever possible, although a few applications are not available in which case we would use the next best available part(s). In our next newsletter we will discuss why machining rotors on the vehicle is the preferred method mandated by car manufacturers today.