Three Top Import Sites for Used Japanese Cars


Not all imports have to be the latest sporting or luxury models. Some folks like the efficiency and reliability of older Japanese models, even if they already have a few miles tucked underneath their hoods. Then again, some other folks like shopping around for the last generation of sports and luxury models when their latest incarnations hit the markets.

So without further ado, here are three great import sites for finding used Japanese cars:

TradeCarView is not restricting itself to Japanese-only models, but it does have a really big batch of Japanese cars up for grabs. This is the site to go if are very specific about the condition of the car you’re looking for. Its search engine filters not just the model name but also price ranges and displacement levels. It also has a pretty useful how-to section to guide you through the process of importing your car – excellent for first-time importers.


You really can’t go wrong when you find a site with a title like that. They have three options for finding a car: dealers, auctions and preauctions. They also have two nifty tools for helping you determine price points: an all-around price estimating tool and a price data list showing how past auctions worked out for a particular line of Japanese cars. This makes JapaneseUsedCars a great site to go to if you’re looking for a bargain.


This site has a lot to offer the intrepid importer, from RVs and sports cars to tractors and construction equipment. It even has a section dedicated to imported oil products designed specifically for Japanese-made cars. Japan-Partner is a great all-around site for when you are looking or unique vehicle imports that you won’t normally see with other online dealers.