Tire Treadwear & Fuel Efficiency


Tire and TreadwearHere’s a question that you need to answer honestly:  “Do you know exactly when it’s time to buy new tires?”  We find that most of our auto repair customers do not.  So, here are some important points to help educate you on tires and how to increase fuel efficiency:

  1. When your tire tread is less than 1/16″ (one sixteenth of an inch) above the wear bars, they need to be replaced.
    – Look for the wear bars that run across the entire tire, in the deepest grooves of the tread.
    – Take a penny and place it on the wear bar.
    – If Lincoln’s head is 100% exposed, then you are in need of new tires.
  2. Look for uneven treadwear
    – Does the inside of your tires look ‘balder’ or more worn than the outside?Tire Treadwear Indicator
    – Consider having a 4-wheel alignment to ensure your wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.
  3. Check your tire pressure monthly
    – Under-inflated tires will cause your vehicle to work harder to move, decreasing your fuel efficiency.
    – Over-inflated tires will increase uneven wear and could be dangerous when driving at all speeds.
If your vehicle is experiencing accelerated tire wear, uneven tire wear, or if you are having a difficult time controlling your vehicle on wet roads, run – don’t walk – to your phone and call us to schedule an appointment.  Your tire(s) may simply need a little air, you may need an alignment or a plug for a slow leak.  Take care of your tires.  After all, it’s like taking care of your own feet.  Without them, it’s difficult to get around.