Is Your Toyota Camry Check Engine Light On?


We see many Toyota’s in our shop with check engine lights on related to evaporator emissions system or EES issues. All vehicles are built with a system to capture the vapor above the liquid level in the fuel tank. The fuel tank is a closed system to prevent fuel vapor or hydrocarbons from leaking into the atmosphere. The vehicle’s computer or PCM monitors the tank pressure with a baro sensor for leak detection, and a charcoal canister captures and absorbs the fuel vapors.

Depending On the Model Toyota You Could See One Of These Warnings
Check engine light on Toyota

The way it works it simple, though some car manufacturers over engineer their EES and make it more complicated than necessary, which can add repair cost to the consumer. When your car is parked, the charcoal canister captures the fuel vapors. When you start driving and under certain conditions the PCM will open a valve to allow some engine vacuum do draw or “purge” fuel vapors from the canister, preventing it from becoming over saturated with fuel and readies it for the next parked cycle.
Toyota check engine light
Some issues we’ve seen on Toyota’s are leaks in various components, included and most commonly the gas cap. The caps will just wear out after awhile and can leak. Leaks in vapor lines, valves sticking, and charcoal canister malfunctions are all common on Toyota vehicles.
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By Stan Creech