We Support the SPCA of Wake County


SPCA of Wake CountyOk, I admit – I’m a dog lover.  Dogs are notorious lovers and all they want is someone to love them back.  Well, not too long ago, I was involved in a conversation about how our auto repair shop could better support the community.  With so many worthwhile choices out there, it was very difficult to choose and I settled on supporting the SPCA of Wake County.
Our first show of support was becoming a corporate sponsor for their annual K9-3K Dog Walk which is now in its 13th year.  The event, held April 21, 2012, will help raise awareness for the untold numbers of homeless pets.  It’s incredible at the number that need care or are euthanized and we’d like to help change that.
There’s an incredible cost in caring for these pets and we’re trying to make a difference.  Given today’s economy, the SPCA of Wake County, as well as so many other charities, struggles to pay its bills while caring for pets who don’t have a voice.  If our shop is able to help save one life of a pet, that pet could go on and be someone’s lifelong companion.
Will you help join us in our support?  You can do it two different ways:

We may be a small, family-owned auto repair shop in Raleigh, but our hearts are big and we hope you can join us in changing the lives of both pets and people.