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Why the Isuzu Rodeo is a Great Choice for Adventure-Loving Drivers

August 7, 2022

A Great Choice for Adventure-Loving Drivers: Why the Isuzu Rodeo is The Best Choice

Although Isuzu ceased production of the Rodeo in 2004, it remains one of the used car market’s hidden gems. This SUV is a perfect match for folks who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Here’s why you should consider buying a pre-owned Rodeo.

A Reputation for Being Reliable
When serviced at the recommended intervals, the Isuzu Rodeo tends to deliver a trouble-free performance. Although certain parts will naturally need to be replaced at some point, owners praise this SUV for its long-term dependability. In fact, mechanics give the Rodeo a 4.2 out of 5.0 reliability rating.

It’s important to note that the Rodeo’s engine is prone to consuming more motor oil as it ages. This means owners will need to keep an eye on the oil level. Not only can poor lubrication cause overheating, but it can also lead to permanent engine damage. To ensure the SUV is in great mechanical condition, it’s strongly advisable to get a full vehicle inspection.

Strong Performance
Isuzu offered the Rodeo with a four-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, it didn’t pack enough performance for most people. Models equipped with a V6 engine are far more satisfying to drive. The extra muscle will come in handy when crawling up a mountain pass or merging onto a busy interstate highway.

The last generation’s V6 engine pushed out a competitive 205 horsepower and 214 lb-ft of torque. You’ll have no trouble keeping pace with today’s newer models. A 4,500-pound towing capacity also enables the Rodeo to confidently pull ski boats and ATVs.

Rugged Design
Unlike many of today’s newer SUVs, the Isuzu Rodeo was designed with a rigid truck frame. This feature ultimately makes the Rodeo a better choice for off-roading. A solid rear axle and Intelligent Suspension Control further enhance the Rodeo’s ability to venture off the beaten path. Car-based crossovers typically aren’t tough enough to conquer rough terrain.

If you’re a serious adventure seeker, don’t go without the Rodeo’s dependable 4X4 system. It features a limited-slip differential, thus giving you enhanced traction when traveling on slippery trails.

Drivers who are looking to escape the rising cost of today’s new models will love the Rodeo’s affordability. You should be able to find a well-maintained used Rodeo for less than $8,000. By comparison, prices for a brand-new Toyota 4Runner start at more than $38,000 before adding any optional equipment.

The Rodeo is also relatively inexpensive to maintain. Most of its replacement parts are affordable.

Enough Amenities for Most Outdoor Lovers
Don’t expect to find a high-tech infotainment system inside the Isuzu Rodeo. However, this SUV does offer enough features to satisfy must travelers. A few of its available amenities include remote entry, a power sunroof, and leather upholstery. Drivers who desire a more modern audio system may want to install an aftermarket unit.

Isuzu didn't offer the Rodeo with any advanced safety technologies. However, its four-wheel disc brakes were strong. Families will also appreciate the SUV’s impressive side-impact crash scores.

Ageless Styling
Despite being an older model, the Rodeo still looks attractive. Its traditional SUV shape has definitely withstood the test of time. A color-keyed grille and matching bumpers enhance the SUV’s curb appeal. Folks who desire more flair will want to purchase a new set of off-road wheels.